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Meet Charity Danielson: Champion of Sponsorship

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Sponsor make s huge difference in the lives of Guatemalan orphans.

By Arwen McGilvra-

Charity DanielsonCharity Danielson started working for Forever Changed International in March as our Sponsorship Coordinator.

Prior to this position, Charity did administrative work, as she and her husband also had an insurance company. Her previous experience has been a good fit with FCI.

“I really enjoy the type of interactions I have with people through Forever Changed,” Charity says of her work. “Insurance was boring and impersonal. It’s great to work with people who have a heart for orphans and the poor. It’s a whole new way of thinking.”

She has also really enjoyed working with Heather, Naomi, and the others on the team.

She went down to Dorie’s Promise for a mission trip, where she experienced firsthand not JUST a mission trip, but also all the children and the care the Special Mothers give them.

“I am so thankful I went,” Charity said. “Pablo is an amazing leader and made it an incredible spiritual experience. Daily devotions were a heart-grabbing, emotional, and spiritual time.”

“I’ve been a sponsor with World Vision for years,” she continued. “World Vision was more about meeting the needs of the community by helping children on a material level. FCI is more holistic — meeting spiritual needs is a priority. Plus there is a real connection between the children and sponsors of FCI.”

Charity has seen how many people extend themselves beyond the monthly pledge amount. One couple went on a mission trip and saw that the bicycles needed to be replaced. They sent an extra gift for bicycles for the children. They noticed a need and then met that need without being asked. One woman always remembers the birthday of the child she sponsors and sends cards and a gift. Through FCI, sponsors have the opportunity to participate in the lives of the children.

Sponsors who have visited Dorie’s Promise know that they are changing lives. They’ve experienced the dumps and the ghettos of Guatemala, as well as the state orphanage. They’ve seen the night-and-day difference that our home and the love of the Special Mothers and staff make in the lives of children. They’ve seen where the children could have been and where they are today.

“When I updated the profiles of our children, I couldn’t believe the stories,” Charity shared. “Children thrown out, mothers selling their daughters, children unwanted and left alone on the street. We can change all that.

She added: “I encourage those thinking about sponsoring to read the bios of the children. Really think about which one you can make a heartfelt attachment with. Pray for them and then dedicate yourself to that child. Don’t stop with supporting the child financially. Make a heartfelt commitment. Sponsoring will become more than an automatic deduction from your bank account.

Meet Jennifer : A Bright, Happy Girl

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Jennifer's lived at Dorie's Promise sinceshe was an infant.

By MJ Zelya –

Jennifer is a beautiful, optimist, happy girl.Jennifer’s mother entered the Promise of Life program in 2007. She was going to give Jennifer up for international adoption*. It wasn’t completed because her mother abandoned the program early.

From the very beginning, Jennifer has shown that she is intelligent. When she came to us, she did not speak Spanish — instead she spoke the Mayan language, and it was very difficult to understand what she was trying to say. But she learned Spanish very quickly, and we were able to get her in to the preschool program right away.

Now Jennifer is one of the best students in her classroom! She has wonderful grades and loves to speak English. She enjoys going to school and coming home to share the new things she’s learned. She attends El Shaddai Christian school, a private school where several of our children have been given a chance to better their education. Jennifer brings home what she’s taught about the Bible and good values and is influencing her friends at home at Dorie’s Promise.

Lorena, supervisor of the house, says, “Jennifer is a beautiful, optimist, happy girl.

In addition to being a good student, Jennifer likes to play with dolls and play soccer! Her favorite part of the day is when she does homework with her tutor at Dorie’s. She LOVES hamburgers and Coca-Cola.

Get to know Jennifer better.She’s adventurous and she likes to discover new things, and invent new games. Her favorite color is yellow, and she loves listening to Christian music, especially Kari Jobe.

Carol, one of our special mothers, says, “Jennifer is very responsible, especially with her schoolwork — she works very neatly and is good at organization. She is a natural-born leader.”

Jennifer yearns to be part of a Forever Family. She is eligible for adoption to a Guatemalan family. We know God has a plan for her and pray that He provides just the right family — one where she can continue to grow and learn and be loved.

Until then, Jennifer is in good hands at Dorie’s Promise. She loves the staff, and they all say she is a very polite girl. Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is a place filled with love and care for Jennifer and all our children. It is a place where joy is a daily experience, and orphaned children find safety and security. Most of all, it is a place where children who have never experienced love can grow up knowing that God loves them no matter what and has a plan for their lives. Join our family by sponsoring Jennifer today!


*International adoptions in Guatemala closed in 2008

3rd Quarter Sponsor Updates Ready!!!

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Sheily was recently added to our sponsor program.Sponsors it’s time to sign-in to view the new artwork, pictures and video as well as read the latest update for your child. We want to thank you for your continued support of the children at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. Your sponsorship helps us provide more than room and board for these orphans- it’s education, specialized medical and psychological care, and a loving home where they can feel safe and belong. We are always exceedingly appreciative for your faithful support of these precious little ones.

Login to get your updates.

If you are not a sponsor yet, we invite you to consider the opportunity to sponsor a child. Sheily (Age 1) was recently added to our program and is in need of more sponsors. She came to Dorie’s Promise when she was two months old because her birth mother abandoned her on the streets of Guatemala City. Today Sheily is growing and thriving even though she is tiny for her age. She is the baby everyone loves to hold. Sponsor Sheily now.

Every gift you give to our ministry goes toward improving the lives of children who would otherwise have no other hope. Please consider sponsoring a child today!

Once again to those of you who are current sponsors, “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!” from our entire team.


Sponsor Updates Ready!

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Valentina - Dorie's Promise GuatemalaWe’ve put the final touches on the written updates and uploaded the video, art, and pictures… so we can announce: Your 2nd  quarter updates are waiting for you! You can log in and see the new updates today.  Our hearts overflow with gratitude for those that have choose to sponsor one of these precious children. Thank you for standing with us to care for the orphans living at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala.

Sponsors Click Here to Login Now

If you are not a sponsor yet will you consider becoming one? Just $35 month helps provide for a child in our home. Take a moment to view the children living at Dorie’s Promise and see if God places one of them on your heart. Like Valentina (pictured age 1) she’s currently 51% sponsored and could use help to get to 100%. She is growing fast and is already up and running while at the same time trying to learn her first words. Sponsor her today.

God bless all of you as you support the children of Dorie’s Promise.

1st Quarter Sponsor Updates Ready!

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Alejandra an orpahns living at Dorie's Promise GuatemalaThey’re ready!  Your 1st  quarter updates are waiting for you. You can log in and see the new video, pictures, art, and written updates.  Thank you for standing with us to care for the orphans living at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. We are exceedingly appreciative for your faithful support of these precious little ones.

Click Here to Login Now

If you are not a sponsor yet will you consider giving just $35 month to help provide for these precious children? Take a moment to view the children living at Dorie’s Promise and see if God lays one of them on your heart. Like Alejandra (pictured age 3) she’s currently 83% sponsored and could use a few more sponsors to get her to 100%. She is a happy child with a precious smile and spirit. She recently learned to count to five, and loves to lead the other children in singing. Sponsor her today!

And once again, to our current sponsors, we just want to say “THANK YOU!” We couldn’t do it without you.

Meet Brandon – Dorie’s Promise Guatemala

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Sponsor Brandon Today!


By Arwen McGilvra & MJ Zelaya –

Brandon has been living at Dorie’s Promise since 2007. His mother couldn’t take care of him after Brandon’s biological dad passed away. Times were hard financially, and, because of the lack of economic resources, she decided to give him up for adoption.

Brandon playing on the playsetBack then, the adoption process lasted seven months to one year; but the law has since changed and now Brandon’s case is stuck in the government office, under investigation. We are praying for his case and for his adoptive family who is waiting to close the adoption and be reunited.*

Brandon is a handsome boy who can be restless and curious like many kids his age.

He loves to attend school — so much so that he cries if he isn’t able to go, like during a break or because he’s ill. It’s so wonderful to see him so attached to his education. He has learned many things in school and through the therapy he received. Medical care has greatly improved his hearing problem, and so his language skills have improved as well. It has made Brandon more of an outgoing, clever, happy boy.

He loves to play with cars, superheroes and toys and enjoys football. His favorite color is red, and he enjoys all kinds of food.

If Brandon wouldn’t have received the medical care, therapy, and education through our home, his life would be so different! That’s why we do what we were called to do: changing one life at a time!

You can help us continue to make that difference in Brandon’s life. Sponsoring one of our children provides them so much more than just their day-to-day needs. It provides them with safety, food, shelter… but most of all it allows them to grow up in a loving environment where they can be all that God intends for them to be.

*NOTE: International adoptions in Guatemala closed in 2008.

2013 Video, Thank You Sponsors and Friends

Monday, December 30th, 2013

WATCH NOW – See how the Lord is using you in the lives of the children at Dorie’s Promise.

BE ENCOURAGED – See the smiles, and the joy in the children’s eyes. Their lives are Forever Changed by the love and care they experience at our home.

SPONSOR – Help us continue our work. Sponsor before 12/31/13 and see your sponsorship matched!

Sponsorship Matching Opportunity!

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Help us meet the sponsorship match before Dec 31st

Sponsor Brayan at Dorie's Promise

Brayan (Age 13) is 60% Sponsored

What if I told you we are one step away?… We are one step away from fully supporting all of the children at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala through sponsorship.

Over the years, a number of friends have come forward to stand with us to ensure our kids have everything they need to get the best care and upbringing we can provide for them.

But today, we are at a tipping point. Only two of our children are 100 percent sponsored. A handful of our children are between 80 and 90 percent sponsored.

The vast majority of our children are only at the 70 percent level — and some are even below that. We like to say that 30 percent is what we ask God to provide each month. Some months that 30 percent doesn’t come until the very last day. Other months we get a little more, sometimes we get a little less. The right amount is always there to support the children, but to tell you things are not tight would not be the truth.

All that to say: We need some help. And today, I’m thrilled to announce a matching sponsorship opportunity.

When you sponsor today, your sponsorship

will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

A friend of the ministry has seen the great need to get the children of Dorie’s Promise 100 percent sponsored and has challenged us to get this work done.

Our goal before the end of the year is to meet this donor’s specific challenge by seeing 25 sponsorships happen. Please be one of those, OR encourage someone you know to become a sponsor. This is a great opportunity!

Sponsor Dulce through Forevr Changed International

Dulce (Age 1) is 62% Sponsored

Sponsor today and see your sponsorship matched! If you and all of our friends took that single step forward today, we would make miles of progress toward our goal to see every child 100 percent sponsored.

When we do this, it will change everything for them. A fully sponsored home will allow us to plan a more stable future, take in more children, and start working on buying the homes in which we live.

Today, as you read this letter, I would like to ask you to consider sponsoring one or even two or more of the children living at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala with a gift of $35 or $50 each a month.

Sponsoring one of our children provides them so much more than just their day-to-day needs. . It provides them with safety, food, shelter … but most of all it allows them to grow up in a loving environment where they can be all that God intends for them to be.

One of the things we talk to our mission teams about is making sure to be transformational in their giving. Giving food to a poor family is a good and right thing to do! Helping a family with a cement floor is exceptional! But sponsoring a child and being part of that life — helping them grow in the love and knowledge of the Lord — is transformational.

I know we have asked you to sponsor before … I want to ask you again. Please pray about this and ask God to lead you in your giving. As you feel led to give, please visit our sponsorship page online:

Sponsor one of the orphans At Dorie's Promise today

Please consider this today. This matching challenge ends December 31st! Let’s partner together to meet this challenge and secure the future of the children at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala.


Heather Radu

P.S. We are one final, big step away from fully sponsoring our little ones … and we can only make it with you taking that step with us! Please sponsor one of these special little ones today.

Meet Valentina – Sponsor Her Today

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Dorie's Promise Guatemala

By Arwen McGilvra-

Valentina Playing - Dorie's Promise GuatemalaValentina came to us after having been found on the streets in a tough condition. She had skin lacerations all over her body and suffered from poor nutrition. In addition, pediatricians at the hospital diagnosed her with pneumonia. Thankfully, she is stable now.

Valentina has been developing well. She is now almost a year old and has learned a lot of new tricks. She is a smiley little one who loves being held. Her development has been incredibly fast and shows no lingering effects from the pneumonia she had when she was found.

Doctor says her progression is really good and that she is growing into a healthy little girl. She is the joy of several special mothers and has won the hearts of a lot of mission teams. She has also been able to socialize well with all the other children at Dorie’s Promise.

Special mother Janet says, “When she sees you the first thing she does is smile. She can sit all by herself and can also clap. She has more teeth, has gained more weight, and is moving around, even crawling, in order to reach for the toys in front of her. She enjoys outings, and has learned to hold her own bottle.”

“She is very smart, busy discovering new things,” special mother Mimi says of Valentina, “and she loves to be tickled.”

Valentina also likes to play peek-a-boo. She is not a picky eater — she enjoys all kinds of food.

Valentina at Dorie's Promise GuatemalaWe are really delighted to have her with us and glad we can take care of her, especially after her rough start in life. We thank her sponsors for being part of her life and her recovery. It’s sponsors that help us provide not only a roof over her head and the meals she eats, but also medical care and someone to hold her, love her, and, most of all, help her experience God’s love.

Valentina is currently 77 percent sponsored. Will you pray about helping her reach 100%? Child sponsorship is the most stable and secure way to support Dorie’s Promise, and we are working hard to make 100 percent sponsorship a reality. With your help we can do that!

Sponsor Valentina today!

There is a way for everyone to help. If you are unable to sponsor her you can join our prayer team, or share this with your friends and family. Maybe your church group can work together to sponsor a child, or you can hold a fundraiser and give Dorie’s Promise a one-time offering. However, you choose to be involved, know that you are being a blessing to an orphan in need.

“I never could have imagined the impact…”

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Katies and Her Husband with Mario

Guest Post: By Katie May

My first visit to Dorie’s Promise was last October on a mission trip with a group from my church. I never could have imagined the impact visiting Guatemala would have on my entire life and of that of my family.

During our trip we built a playscape in the backyard of Dorie’s. While there, we also went on a few day-trips, to the ghetto and to the dump. I remember being shocked during our first trip to the ghetto. I couldn’t believe people lived like that. Yet when hearing their stories, I was amazed at their faith. The things they prayed for weren’t “things.” They prayed for good health, that their children would finish school, that their faith would be stronger — some asked for prayer to help overcome addictions. No one complained about their circumstances or even asked for prayer to change them. It was a level of faith and trust in the Lord that I had not seen before coming to Guatemala.

At the dump I got to spend time with the children living and working there with their parents. It was one of the best days of my life. These were the happiest children I had ever met! Our team heard the prayer request of a little boy who wanted to taste chicken. He said all he had ever tasted were the bones. We went to Polo Campero and showed up with boxes and boxes of chicken for the children — it was special to see how happy it made them.

A note from Katie to MarioMy experience at Dorie’s Promise was completely life-changing. I fell in love — one boy in particular, Mario, stole my heart. Once I met him, I don’t think I put him down. I would go out on the trips and then go right back to his crib to scoop him up.

At the same time, I can’t say enough about the special mothers. I was so impressed at how attentive they were to the babies. They took their time with each one — to snuggle with them and to be loved on. The children are just so well taken care of. One little girl, Dulce, was having medical issues, and her special mother was so emotional about it, saying how much she prayed for her. You can tell these women truly love the children, and the children love their special moms!

Leaving there was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I cried the whole plane ride and was just thinking of when I could get back!

Once I returned home, I struggled with the knowledge of the circumstances in Guatemala. It bothered me so much to know of all these orphans who needed homes. It angered me that adoptions were closed*. I shared with my husband all about Mario, and he assured me we could make an impact in his life not only through sponsorship but also in prayer.

I truly thought it would be a while before I could manage another trip to Guatemala, but after hearing all that I shared with him, my husband wanted to experience Dorie’s Promise for himself. We were back six months later to celebrate Mario’s first birthday!! I was so happy to see all the children again. My husband too fell in love with the children, Dorie’s Promise, and Guatemala.

On that second trip, we had the privilege of being there for Mother’s Day. They had a ceremony out back, and each of the children had the opportunity to get up in front of everyone to share about why they loved their special mothers. The kids had so many nice things to say, and there was so much love being shared. One little girl said she was going through a hard time and was thankful that her special mom was there for her.

One morning my husband and I got to Mario’s house early right at the shift change. While we were upstairs, we could hear the special mothers who were about to start the shift gathering in the hallway downstairs. They all began to pray together and sing songs of prayer. It was lovely. I can tell that being a special mother at Dorie’s means way more to those women than just a job.

Katie's husband play with the kids at Dorie's PromiseMy own children (Hailee, 11, and T.J., 7) now hear so much about Dorie’s Promise and want to visit as well. They refer to Mario as their brother in Guatemala. We’ve made some great relationships, and I know that Guatemala will always be a part of our lives.

After our two trips to Guatemala, we were moved to adopt. Knowing that we couldn’t adopt from Guatemala was so difficult to accept*. We would have loved nothing more than to bring home our sweet Mario or any other child from this country we loved so much. However, we moved forward with adoption here in the U.S. and have been blessed with an amazing little boy named Christopher. I’m thankful for the confirmation God gave us through our time in Guatemala that adopting was right for our family.

My experiences at Dorie’s Promise have changed my outlook on life. It’s opened my eyes to see how big the kingdom of God really is. In some way I always knew the Kingdom was larger than just our lives in America, but it’s easy to get caught up in your own bubble. When you have experiences like the ones in Guatemala, you can’t help but be changed.

I know we will be seeing you all again soon!

*International adoptions closed in 2008