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Meet Sheily: A Little Ray of Sunshine

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Sheily is a little ray of sunshine.

By MJ Zelya-

Sheily will turn two later this month.Sheily came to Dorie’s Promise when she was 2 months old because she was abandoned by her biological mother. The last we’ve heard is that her mother is alcoholic and homeless. Because her biological family abandoned her and she was declared adoptable and CNA is looking for a Guatemalan family* to adopt her.

When Sheily was born she was suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome. This has caused her some developmental troubles such has being slow to gain height. She also has sign of emerging attention deficit hyperactivity. Yet with the loving care given to her at our home her development is getting better, and she is gaining weight.

Despite of the circumstances; she is a little ray of sunshine!!!

At first, she ignored people in order to avoid contact. After all the affection she has received at Dorie’s, she has become just the opposite. She waves at everyone that passes in front of her. As soon as she hears a song, she starts to dance and jump around. She has become a little parrot, she repeats everything!

Sheily outside with her Special mother going for a little walk.She is turning two this month, and she might not seem that age, but she has the skills! Through the early stimulation program, the Special Mothers help her learn new skills in the mornings and afternoons. Now she walks around the Home by herself, supervised of course, and whenever she enters a room she greets everyone.

Like most two-year-old’s when she is sleepy or hungry, she gets a little bit grouchy. She loves to play with balls, stuffed animals or dolls with José Carlos and Dulce. They love it when the Special Mothers let them be together in the same crib. It’s their little play date!!!

She is a loving girl and loves to be hugged and kissed, and she needs your support. When you sponsor an orphan like Sheily you help us provide the love and care that she needs. Care that goes beyond just providing for daily survival, we provide the children at our home the kind of care any parent would want for their own children. Sponsor Sheily today!

*International Adoptions in Guatemala closed in 2008


Meet Dulce: A Living Miracle

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Dulce is a Living Miracle!

By MJ Zelya –

Dulce as a baby.

Dulce as a baby.

Dulce (Age 3) is a very special girl with special needs, I call her a Living Miracle. She found in our ministry the care and love she needs in order to have good health and proper development.

She was found on the floor of a bar, rescued by people that found a small baby alone and crying. When she was taken to the hospital, doctors said she was born premature and in her condition she had little possibility of living. Her life certainly began with struggle. Twenty days after Dulce arrival at Dorie’s Promise, she developed viral pneumonia, then a week later began having seizures. Yet today it’s amazing to see her active – walking around, climbing wherever she can, crawling, and sometimes fighting with the other children like a normal kid does.

Doctor Castro gives us this report about her health:

Dulce at age 3 is behind in her development, but with love and care she is improving.

Dulce now, age 3.

Dulce special health needs include a developmental delay, growth retardation, seizures, congenital heart disease (variety or TAPVC) without heart failure, chronic bronchitis, gastro-esophageal reflux, and she is prone to respiratory and lung infections.

“After further investigation (brain CT scans, chromosomal studies) follow up and some consultations with a neurologist, and a geneticist friend of mine, we were unable to find a specific syndrome to explain her physical features, growth deficit and developmental delay. I concluded that she needed a developmental stimulation plan and close pediatric follow up,” says Dr. Castro.

At 8 months of age, Dr. Castro discovered that she also had a heart murmur that seemed abnormal. He asked a pediatric cardiologist to check her and after clinical and ultrasound studies, a new abnormality was found; Dulce was suffering from a congenital heart disease, Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venus Connection (TAPVC) – three out of the four pulmonary veins were connected to the right atrium instead to the left one. Also called inter auricular communication.)

In TAPVC, the blood does not take the normal route from the lungs to the heart and out to the body, instead, the veins from the lungs attach to the heart in abnormal positions and this means that oxygenated blood enters or leaks into the wrong chamber. Dr. Castro continues to watch her health and growth progress closely, and she sees specialists as needed.

Dulce going for a walk with the help of her special mother.

Walking with help from her Special Mother.

Her Special Mother Ismelda says, “Dulce has been progressing. She can stand by herself and take a few steps with help. She is starting to eat solid food, and loves it. She expresses what she needs, mimics others and claps.”

Dulce is a loving little girl,” says Gabby , our children development coordinator. “She loves to hold my hand and kiss it.”

With the extra medical care Dulce needs, sponsors are very important to meeting all of her needs. Sponsoring a child like Dulce, at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is different than sponsoring a child at most other organizations.  Why?  Because we own our home.  The children live there 24 hours a day – 7 days a week in a a safe, nurturing environment, with healthy, well-balanced, delicious meals, as well as safe and well-maintained facilities, on-site health care and education. When you sponsor a child at Dorie’s Promise, you are giving life and investing in the future of a child.

Sponsor Dulce Now

2nd Quarter Sponsorship Updates Are Ready!

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Sponsors: your 2nd quarter updates are waiting for you.

Sponsors: your 2nd quarter updates are waiting for you. You can log in and see the new video, pictures, art, and written updates. 

Sponsor MarioThank you for your support of the children at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala! Your sponsorship helps us provide more than room and board for these orphans- it’s education, extracurricular activities, specialized medical and psychological care, and a loving home where they can feel safe and belong.  The total cost of supporting a child at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is around $1000 per child per month. It takes a team to make that happen. Sponsors are an integral part of that team. THANK YOU!

If you aren’t sponsoring yet… can you pray about sponsoring one of our children?

Mario (age 3) is one of our children who could really use your support. He is currently only 39% sponsored! Many mission-trippers fall in love with Mario because he is very snuggly and welcomes affection. He was born premature and was abandoned by his mother at the hospital. He’s had some struggles in his life and is making progress despite a growth delay.  Right now he thinks it’s fun to close and open doors. Mario is a loving and determined boy. Will you consider becoming his sponsor?

Meet Luis: A Good-Natured Little Boy

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Ruth meeting Luis for the first time.

Meet Luis: A Good-Natured Little BoyLuis is one of a handful of children who are still stuck in the system after a 2008 law put a moratorium on international adoptions from Guatemala. The adoption process was near completion when Guatemala closed its doors to adoptions outside the country. After seven years, the courts are still working on his case.

Luis is described by his Special Mothers as OUTSTANDING! He is responsible and follows the rules. He is always paying attention to little details. At school, he works neatly, always giving his best effort.

His adoptive mother, Ruth Sheehan, says, “Luis is a blessed, precious child and has been that way since he was a baby. Even as a tiny baby, he was almost always happy, good-natured, patient, and joyful. We have fun every time I am able to see him.”

He loves to play football (soccer) with his friends. At night before going to bed, he always chooses Star Wars books. He enjoys assembling Legos and is always trying to create new shapes and figures with them. Luis has a good eye for detail and symmetry, and works on something as long as it takes until he gets it just the way he wants it.

He loves games and puzzles, and will focus on these and even school exercises with extended concentration.

A recent picture of Ruth and Luis at Dorie's Promise.Luis is not a fan of vegetables, but he always eats them because he knows they are good for him. His favorite food is CEREAL!!!

Dr. Castro says, “He is very skillful at sports, especially soccer, and is a wonderful, affectionate child. He is also very compassionate and friendly with other children. His development is very good, and he has been a healthy boy.”

He is very sensitive to others (children and adults), picks up quickly on nonverbal cues, and genuinely wants others to be content. He has a strong sense of justice, knows right from wrong, and will take a leadership role to make sure the rules are followed. Everyone agrees that Luis is smart and inventive.

When Luis was a baby his adoptive mother Ruth would lift him up so he could see his face in the mirror, and he would laugh and giggle over and over. He is still a happy boy today.

“He has always had the best smile of any child I have ever seen,” Ruth says. “I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute I have ever spent with him! He is the answer to my prayers.

Luis' first Christmas.Ruth would very much like to bring Luis home to his Forever Family, and we ask that you join us in praying for that to happen soon. In the meantime, you can sponsor him to help us give him the best possible care, medical treatments, and education.

Meet Efrain (Age 10)

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Efrain with his Special Mother at Dorie's Promise.

By MJ Zelya-

EfrainEfrain after his eye surgery has been living at Dorie’s Promise since 2005. He is now 10 years old. He was abandoned by his mother because of her economic inability to take care of him.

Efrain is very attentive to his surroundings. He loves it when the Special Mothers sing to him. Efrain knows he is loved and cared for, and the Special Moms and other children make him a very happy boy who constantly laughs.

Janet, the Special Mother who takes care of him, says, “The movement in his legs and arms has improved. The therapy he is receiving has helped him a lot. He looks happier, and he can reach his foot and hold it with his hands. It’s so exciting to see how flexible he is now.”

His favorite meal is the sweet porridge, and he loves to drink milk — lemonade too.

Dr. Castro says that Efrain is a boy who is kind, patient, and content. In addition to his developmental delays, he has a genetic defect, which is only present in some of his cells. Otherwise he would not have survived until now. It does cause him to be small in growth, blind with cerebral Efrain is a boy with a big heart, a patient nature, and a gentle spirit.palsy (muscle-joints spasticity), and have seizures. As part of the syndrome, he has a cataract in one eye and a coloboma (a sort of hole in the eye) in another. One eye cataract has been operated on; hopefully he is beginning to distinguish some shadows. Due to all these problems, Efrain is confined to a wheelchair.

Our nurse, Mirna Yuman, has recently taken a physiotherapy course with the intention to provide better care for Efrain. The outcome has been astonishingly positive; in just one month of this extra personalized therapy Efrain is able to keep he own head up better and is stronger, while his limbs and back are more flexible. He has received from our Lord a special gift, what Doc Castro calls “the gene of happiness.”

Efrain behaves as if he is conscious of the good care he receives, and we believe that he knows how much he is loved. He needs your love too. Efrain is only 40% sponsored. Sponsorship helps pay for the extra medical care and personalized attention that is required to give him the best care. Sponsor Efrain today and become a part of the family that cares for this special child!

Meet Charity Danielson: Champion of Sponsorship

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Sponsor make s huge difference in the lives of Guatemalan orphans.

By Arwen McGilvra-

Charity DanielsonCharity Danielson started working for Forever Changed International in March as our Sponsorship Coordinator.

Prior to this position, Charity did administrative work, as she and her husband also had an insurance company. Her previous experience has been a good fit with FCI.

“I really enjoy the type of interactions I have with people through Forever Changed,” Charity says of her work. “Insurance was boring and impersonal. It’s great to work with people who have a heart for orphans and the poor. It’s a whole new way of thinking.”

She has also really enjoyed working with Heather, Naomi, and the others on the team.

She went down to Dorie’s Promise for a mission trip, where she experienced firsthand not JUST a mission trip, but also all the children and the care the Special Mothers give them.

“I am so thankful I went,” Charity said. “Pablo is an amazing leader and made it an incredible spiritual experience. Daily devotions were a heart-grabbing, emotional, and spiritual time.”

“I’ve been a sponsor with World Vision for years,” she continued. “World Vision was more about meeting the needs of the community by helping children on a material level. FCI is more holistic — meeting spiritual needs is a priority. Plus there is a real connection between the children and sponsors of FCI.”

Charity has seen how many people extend themselves beyond the monthly pledge amount. One couple went on a mission trip and saw that the bicycles needed to be replaced. They sent an extra gift for bicycles for the children. They noticed a need and then met that need without being asked. One woman always remembers the birthday of the child she sponsors and sends cards and a gift. Through FCI, sponsors have the opportunity to participate in the lives of the children.

Sponsors who have visited Dorie’s Promise know that they are changing lives. They’ve experienced the dumps and the ghettos of Guatemala, as well as the state orphanage. They’ve seen the night-and-day difference that our home and the love of the Special Mothers and staff make in the lives of children. They’ve seen where the children could have been and where they are today.

“When I updated the profiles of our children, I couldn’t believe the stories,” Charity shared. “Children thrown out, mothers selling their daughters, children unwanted and left alone on the street. We can change all that.

She added: “I encourage those thinking about sponsoring to read the bios of the children. Really think about which one you can make a heartfelt attachment with. Pray for them and then dedicate yourself to that child. Don’t stop with supporting the child financially. Make a heartfelt commitment. Sponsoring will become more than an automatic deduction from your bank account.

3rd Quarter Sponsor Updates Ready!!!

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Sheily was recently added to our sponsor program.Sponsors it’s time to sign-in to view the new artwork, pictures and video as well as read the latest update for your child. We want to thank you for your continued support of the children at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. Your sponsorship helps us provide more than room and board for these orphans- it’s education, specialized medical and psychological care, and a loving home where they can feel safe and belong. We are always exceedingly appreciative for your faithful support of these precious little ones.

Login to get your updates.

If you are not a sponsor yet, we invite you to consider the opportunity to sponsor a child. Sheily (Age 1) was recently added to our program and is in need of more sponsors. She came to Dorie’s Promise when she was two months old because her birth mother abandoned her on the streets of Guatemala City. Today Sheily is growing and thriving even though she is tiny for her age. She is the baby everyone loves to hold. Sponsor Sheily now.

Every gift you give to our ministry goes toward improving the lives of children who would otherwise have no other hope. Please consider sponsoring a child today!

Once again to those of you who are current sponsors, “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!” from our entire team.


Partners of Hope: Growing Deeper wth Dorie’s Promise

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Dorie's Promise Guatemala - Partners of Hope

By Heather Radu –

Being involved with the ministry at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is a constant blessing. We feel that way, and we know that many of you feel that way as well. We hear reports of tremendous blessings that mission trippers experience, and we also hear about the wonderful connections that people build with our children. While both of those things are wonderful, there are still those who contact us and ask, “how can I be more involved with Dorie’s Promise?” or “how can I help the children a little bit more?”

partners of hopeWe are thrilled to say we have a great new answer for those questions. We are excited to introduce our Partners of Hope program. Partners of Hope will provide Dorie’s Promise, our children, and you with benefits that will grow the ministry and our relationships.

The requirements for becoming a Partner of Hope are very straightforward. The first step is to come see us at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. Come for a summer mission trip (this year would be a great time)! Once you arrive you will meet—and come to love—our children, which leads to the next step: becoming a sponsor. Just become a monthly sponsor, and get five others to sponsor a child (there is not time limit on this—find other sponsors at your own pace). Next, get twenty new people to come to Dorie’s Promise on a mission trip (no time limit here either). Once you accomplish this mission, congratulations! You are a Partner of Hope.

The things you do to join the Partners of Hope program are a great benefit to us. Once you become a Partner, benefits start coming your way. For instance, A Partner of Hope will always have his or her mission fee waived during any Forever Changed International mission trip. That is almost enough to join on its own!

Become a Partner of Hope today!You will also have a picture bio on our new Partners of Hope webpage. We are excited about your contribution to Dorie’s Promise, and we want people to know about it! Additionally, if anyone contacts Forever Changed International looking for speakers on missions and orphan care, we will be glad to give them your name. After all, you will have demonstrated your dedication to both already! You will also have the chance to represent Forever Changed International at events (we’ll give you a Partners of Hope polo shirt to wear).

We hope you can see why we think the Partners of Hope program is going to be so great. Everyone will be blessed as a result, and we will be able to support our children in ways we hadn’t been able to before. All our connections with each other will be strengthened.

Please pray, and consider joining our Partner’s of Hope program today.

Meet Miguel Age 6

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Miguel at Dorie's Promise with his Special Mother

By Arwen McGilvra –

Miguel (2)When Miguel was born, it was obvious that he was different. He had a large bulge between his forehead and nose — an abnormality called encephalocele. His parents abandoned him at the hospital and the doctors wrote him off, saying he had little chance to live because of the defect.

Encephalocele, a type of neural tube defect (NTD), is characterized by sac-like protrusions of the brain and the membranes that cover it through openings in the skull.* This happens during fetal development when the neural tube fails to close completely. It is a rare defect only occurring in about one in 5,000 births. While the exact cause is not known, lack of pre-natal care is a factor. Taking folic acid and avoiding alcohol and smoking are important in preventing NTDs. Here in the States, pre-natal screening may be able to detect NTDs before birth, and doctors can be prepared to both safely deliver the baby and have surgeons ready for the necessary operations. Sadly, this option is not available to many women in Guatemala.

The minor’s court sent Miguel to Dorie’s Promise in 2007 when he was just four months old. Doctors told us that because of his encephalocele, along with a deformation of the brain, he would likely be incapable of a full life. But Miguel is living proof that with God nothing is impossible!

Dr. Castro with Miguel - Dorie's Promise GuatemalaThe circumstances don’t slow God down, and they haven’t slowed Miguel down either (who will turn 7 in July.)

Thanks to the care he’s received from Dr. Castro and the Special Mothers, Miguel is a very intelligent, healthy, happy boy. He enjoys exploring nature — he loves to go for walks and collect tree branches. When visitors enter the home, the first thing he does is clap and laugh. He gets excited when new people come to see us.

“He is so cute!” says MJ Zelya, one of our staff members.

Special Mother Marleny says, “Miguel is a boy with many special qualities. He enjoys listening to music, and that usually puts him in a good mood. He likes affection and responds with hugs and kisses.”

Miguel at Dorie's Promise Guatemala“He has a strong character,” she continues. “He can demand attention and will scream to get what he wants from the Special Mother in charge of his care.” Yet it’s this strong will that has carried Miguel through the difficulties he’s faced with his health. He still suffers from seizures and delayed growth. He has a caregiver trained to attend to his special needs.

Dr. Castro has monitored his growth closely: “Sometimes visitors ask me if his facial deformity could be operated on, and after several specialist consultations, not a single medical opinion has concluded that such esthetic operation is advisable, due to its complexity and the danger of such an operation.”

Miguel was declared adoptable in 2010 and he is still waiting to be adopted by a Guatemalan family. Meanwhile, we would like to invite you to take the opportunity to get to know him and see if God is leading you to become a sponsor. We think you’ll be blessed by the experience. Knowing Miguel you learn how joyful and full life can be despite your health or circumstances.



* Source NINDS Encephaloceles Information Page and March of Dimes Neural Tube Defects

Sponsor Updates Ready!

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Valentina - Dorie's Promise GuatemalaWe’ve put the final touches on the written updates and uploaded the video, art, and pictures… so we can announce: Your 2nd  quarter updates are waiting for you! You can log in and see the new updates today.  Our hearts overflow with gratitude for those that have choose to sponsor one of these precious children. Thank you for standing with us to care for the orphans living at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala.

Sponsors Click Here to Login Now

If you are not a sponsor yet will you consider becoming one? Just $35 month helps provide for a child in our home. Take a moment to view the children living at Dorie’s Promise and see if God places one of them on your heart. Like Valentina (pictured age 1) she’s currently 51% sponsored and could use help to get to 100%. She is growing fast and is already up and running while at the same time trying to learn her first words. Sponsor her today.

God bless all of you as you support the children of Dorie’s Promise.