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Room Makeovers Video Tour

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

We hope you’ve had a chance to see the pictures and read the reports (New Look of Rooms Delight the Children of Dorie’s Promise and Extreme Make Over – Questions and Answers) on our recently completed room makeovers. We have one more special treat for you – a video we put together of the room makeovers. Thank you to all our partners and donors who helped make this a reality. We can’t stress enough how needed this was after 14 years and 600 plus kids in our home. It’s a huge blessing to our children and home!

Extreme Make Over – Questions and Answers

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Brayan's new soccer themed room

Here is a little Q&A and pictures from the recent makeover of our children’s rooms at Dorie’s Promise.

An Interview with Heather Radu

By Josh Duncan –

Little Boys Dinosaur themed roomQ: How long did the process take?

A: About a year to plan for it. Bedding, carpets, and wall décor were all shipped down with people who went on mission trips.

Q: How would you compare the rooms before and after the renovation?

A: Everything we redid was more than 14 years old. Our kids had outgrown toddler beds, and the bedding and other room décor had finally just worn out. And the difference is extreme. Color and life were brought back to the rooms. Everything looks as good as it did the day we opened 14 years ago.

Q: How did the children react to their rooms?

A: The anticipation in the days prior was so clear by their excitement to take a peek at what we were doing. We had no mission teams the week we completed everything, so the kids were living in the guest house. When they were finally brought into their new rooms, they were overjoyed to see every detail that brought those rooms to life!

Q: What were some of your favorite things included in the rooms?

A: I really like how each room has a theme, and how the age groups represented in each room go well with those themes. We took into consideration who would be sleeping where as we made decisions. For instance, the older boys who are in the pirate room are full of energy, and when they saw their room you could tell it was the perfect fit for their personalities.

Middle girls "dream" inspirational themed roomQ: What motivated the renovations?

A: It was time. 14 years and 650 children have passed through our doors. Things were looking really tired and very worn out. We have always wanted to have a home that represented what we would give our own kids. I feel with these renovations we are
living up to that standard.

Q: How were the renovations funded?

A: We were fortunate to have several donors help.

Q: Is there anything you would like people to know about the renovations?

A: We are excited to have everything completed and ready to see 15 new children join us in the coming months.

Sports Themed Room at Dorie's PromiseDorie's Promise Girls BedroomDorie's Promise Girls BedroomDorie's Promise Nursery make over.

Check out more pictures on our Facebook page.

New Look of Rooms Delight the Children of Dorie’s Promise

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Maria check out her new room at Dorie's Promise Guatemala

The children gather for aribbon cutting cermony for their newly decorated rooms.Love has never been lacking at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. The children, the special moms, and the rest of the staff all share a deep bond with one another. This is what has made Dorie’s Promise one of the best places for an orphaned child to grow up in Guatemala.

One of the amazing things about love is that the more you give, the bigger it gets. And when your love grows like the love at Dorie’s Promise has, you find creative ways to show it! That is exactly what happened when Heather, Naomi, and others began to notice a small problem around the orphanage.

When Dorie’s Promise Guatemala opened, each room was decorated with attention and love. But fourteen years and 650 children later, the children’s’ rooms were beginning to look old and tired. The décor was simply worn out. Additionally, many of the children had come to the orphanage as toddlers and had outgrown their old beds!

“We have always wanted to have a home that represented what we would give our own kids,” Heather said. Since that was becoming harder and harder with the older decorations, a major overhaul was in order. Over the next year the Dorie’s Promise team planned, designed, and bought new items for each of the Several of the staff and volunteers in the new boys cars themed room.children’s rooms. Several generous donors showed their love by covering the cost of the entire project, and mission teams were able to participate by bringing the bedding, carpet, and decorations with them as they traveled to Guatemala.

Each bedroom was decorated according to a theme inspired by the kids who would soon fill the bunks inside. The older girls received a beautiful room filled with bright colors and inspirational wall decorations. The older boys, on the other hand, were given a pirate-themed room, which perfectly matched their spirit of fun and energy.

Once the new decorations arrived, it was time for the team to get to work.

The excited children left their rooms and slept in the guest quarters while everything was being done (though many of them could not resist trying take a peek at their new rooms). Still, the wait was worth it. Boy pirate themed bedroom at Dorie's PromiseNothing compared to the unveiling of their new rooms. The children joyfully inspected every detail as they settled into their new rooms, quite pleased with the new look.

Not only were the children pleased, but the adults who worked on the project were pleased as well.

“Color and life were brought back to the rooms,” said Heather. “Everything looks as good as it did the day we opened fourteen years ago.”

The rooms truly look just as good as they did back then, but the redecoration project revealed something else: At Dorie’s Promise Guatemala, the love keeps getting bigger.

See the pictures on our Facebook page…