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New Pila in the Dump – Family Thrilled!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

October 2011

By Desi Stephens

Last week I wrote about the partnership Dorie’s Promise has with Safe Passage, a group providing education and social services to hundreds of children.

One of the many stories that has arisen from this partnership is the pila—a water station—that one of our mission teams installed for a poor family living near the city dump.

The team consisted primarily of teens from the youth group at Central Church of the Nazarene in Flint, Michigan. They got connected to us through fellow member Cinda Rachor, one of our board members now in the process of adopting a girl from us.

This particular family sorts through garbage to find paper, plastic bottles, tin and other items that they can sell to different vendors.

The team met them after starting their day with representatives from Safe Passage. Installing the pila brought the mission volunteers considerable rewards.

“I was personally blessed by helping them and seeing their faces after we put it in their house,” Jeff Glitz says.

“The joy they expressed over just having something to keep water in to wash their clothing and dishes just made my day.”

C.J. Pettus says the experience opened her eyes to a lifestyle that she couldn’t imagine living. Yet the people they helped were amazing, she says.

“We only had a simple water station to give them, but they gave us so much love,” says C.J. “I can say that some of the most gracious hosts I have ever had came from an unexpected location. Meeting them showed me the importance of relationships instead of objects.”

Mission Coordinator Joel Juarez says the pila proved to be a great happiness for the family.

Their old pila had broken and all the water flooded their work area, sometimes spoiling the paper they collect.

“It is very useful for them, especially for their daughter because she can wash her clothes and all the dishes from the family,” Joel says. “The new pila is something very special.”

The family appreciates more than the water station, though. They love the mission team visits, the food they receive weekly, and the clothing that some teams have brought them, he says.

Helping poor families in the community not only expands the work Dorie’s Promise does, it has been an eye-opener for Joel.

“My life will never be the same,” Joel says. “It is easy to walk close to these areas and shrug, ‘poor people.’ But being with them, getting to know them and their stories, and learning about their dreams make me feel God is giving me an opportunity to do something for them.

“My life has been forever changed. God has shown me things that are really important, like family values, and to appreciate what we have. Because people living in bad conditions are thankful with what they have.”

SPECIAL NOTE: We are still working to totally fund out medical program for the children of Dorie's Promise.  We need your help and support.  Consider a special gift today!

A Short Term Mission Trip for YOU…

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Dear Dorie’s Promise Friends and Supporters,

What a better way to spend a summer than serving the children of Dorie’s Promise and the outlying communities in Guatemala City. The need here in Guatemala is tremendous. That need translates into lots of amazing opportunities to serve! Please allow me to share with you what your week might look like if you decide to join us this summer. Our mission trips are all about building relationships with the children we serve. We hope that you will enjoy your experience so much that you’ll want to come back and serve again.

Your Team LeaderDesi Stephens has done humanitarian work in Sudan, Uganda and Bulgaria. Since May 2010 she has coordinated both missions and

Desi Stephens at Dorie's Promise Guatemala

Desi Stephens working with the children at Dorie's Promise

child sponsorship at Dorie’s Promise. During her week with you, she will lead morning devotionals, accompany you to projects around the city, and facilitate evening “decompression sessions.” She can address all of your questions and provide you with insights about the problems children face in Guatemala.

Dorie’s Promise:  For more than ten years Dorie’s Promise has provided a loving home for Guatemala’s forgotten children. The orphanage consists of four adjacent houses on a quiet, leafy street in the Oakland neighborhood of Zone 10 in Guatemala City. Up to 40 children live here at any given time. Some of our kids have been abandoned, others neglected or abused. Some are awaiting adoption by Guatemalan or American families. Others will spend their entire childhoods here. You will get to meet the amazing “Special Mothers” who care for the children daily. You’ll also spend lots of time chasing kids in the playground, overseeing craft projects, and rocking infants to sleep.

Ghetto:  In one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods you will attend a church service, where some from you group might be asked to share a few words with the congregation (a translator is available!). Since the church doesn’t have funds for regular Sunday school, your group will also lead a Sunday school activity. Later, you’ll visit the homes of five families, provide them with food baskets, and listen to stories of the challenges they face each day. You will also get to organize an activity for the neighborhood kids, such as a pizza or piñata party.

Garbage Dump:  The city’s sprawling dump serves as home to Guatemala’s most marginalized people. Thousands of families survive here by picking through the refuse for items to resell. We have partnered with Safe Passage, an outstanding organization that has worked with children in the dump for more than a decade. Staffers from Safe Passage will give you a tour of the dump, show you the school they operate, and introduce you to the kids.

Guatemala City Garbage

Serve at the Dump in Guatemala City

Outside Orphanages:  You’ll visit a government-run orphanage where 600 children live, all of them placed there by court order. You’ll be providing them with needed supplies – everything from socks to towels to beds – but more importantly you’ll get to play with them and show them attention they rarely receive.

Antigua and Lake Atitlan – After all your stellar work, the team will unwind in two of Guatemala’s most beautiful places. Antigua is a 500-year-old Spanish colonial town and the former capital of Guatemala. You’ll amble about the cobbled streets, tour the monastery ruins, browse the craft market, and have lunch in one of several lovely restaurants. Shimmering Lake Atitlan is surrounded by volcanoes and Mayan villages, and the lakeside town of

Missions Team in Guatemala City

You Can Come to Guatemala City Too!

Panajachel offers more delightful shopping and dining opportunities.  READ MORE HERE!

Food, Lodging, Transportation – The staff of Dorie’s Promise will pick you up at the airport and drive you to all of our various projects. Our comfy guesthouse at the orphanage has four bedrooms and sleeps up to 20 people. There are spacious living and dining rooms, a computer room with two terminals, and wifi throughout the house. We’ll cater your lunch and dinner each day and provide your breakfast food. If that doesn’t satisfy, you’ll have a fully equipped kitchen to cook up whatever you like.

As you can see, we are all ready for your arrival this summer.

Our team is prepared to share with you a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE! Contact me to find out how you can become part of a life-changing team this summer.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Heather Radu

P.S.  If you haven’t been to Dorie’s Promise yet, pray about coming!  When you come and serve, you will see lives changed – but more than that you will see your life changed too!