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Celebrating Special Mothers

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

By Alej Diaz –

Our 32 Special Moms are more excited than usual this week. Last night we held our first Mothers Day Celebration for these special mothers at a wonderful restaurant in Guatemala City.

Founder Heather Radu was our guest speaker. The message she shared really touched the mothers. “It takes special people to change diapers, bathe five three-year-olds at once, help kids with their homework, and fold mountains of laundry,” she said.

An artists drawing of what the backyard will look like when completed.

Heather also announced plans to turn the backyard into a giant playground area.  Everyone was so excited at the news and we all lingered over the plans as they were passed around the room.

Our special mothers really appreciated the night out.  They dressed to the nines and were treated like royalty.

“I feel like I’m a little girl on this day,” says Mahaly Lemus. “I feel so special. I often feel like I’m always serving everybody, and on this day someone else serves me. I really enjoy what happens.”

Having others wait on her makes Diana Chanchavac feel special, too.

“That shows me they care for me and like my work,” Diana says. “It means they are thinking of me. On this day we can just relax. Another reason it is so special for me is because I don’t have any kids of my own. So it’s special for me that Heather gives me a day of celebration, as if the children I take care of at Dorie’s Promise are like my own. I love my kids.”

“I really like the food—it tastes wonderful,” says Ismelda Samale, who particularly enjoyed last year’s festivities at a park and playing with water balloons. “Also, just spending time together as Special Moms makes me feel closer to this wonderful community that I am part of!”

Adoptive parent Paul Kvinta has developed bonds with the Special Moms.

A resident of Texas, he moved to Guatemala last November to be close to his daughter, Marcela. Paul expects to soon take her back to the U.S. Although a handful of the children have adoptive parents waiting, for most the Special Moms are the only mothers they will ever know, he says.

“Since I moved here Momma Nico has told me more than once, ‘Pablo, we will be glad when Marcela can join you in America, but it will be very sad for us. I have raised Marcela since she was born. It is difficult for us to see these children go,’” Paul says. “Nico and the other mothers feel this way because they care so much for these children.”

Indeed they do, which is why we like to celebrate them and all they do for Dorie’s Promise. Remember on Mother’s Day to thank your mom for what she has meant to your life.

One Year Anniversary

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Come celebrate Forever Changed International's one year anniversary

Our One Year Anniversary

Can you believe it?  This week marks the one year anniversary of our launch of Forever Changed International.  God has blessed us in that time.

It is so hard to believe that just a year ago we were putting together our nonprofit status, building the website, making changes at Dorie’s Promise, and getting ready to let you know about our ministry launch.

We have seen God do some amazing things in the last year.  I want to take just a moment to reflect on those and ask you to join me in thanking God for all he has done to care for our precious children.


This year has been a tight financial year – BUT God has provided every step of the way.  Our goal was to get Dorie’s Promise 100 percent sponsored.  We haven’t made that goal yet – but God has stepped in and provided a few friends to make up the difference.  We will – Lord willing – see Dorie’s  Promise 100 percent sponsored in the next year!  Wait till you read about our upcoming child sponsorship plan.


We have seen exciting thing happen in the lives of many of our children.  They continue to grow.  Each and every day is something new.  You can see the changes in their little faces in every picture taken.  We are praising God for taking care of our little ones.  He has provided for their every need.   In the last year we have brought in some new children too.  We are so blessed to have Ingrid, Alejandra, Maria, Abraham, Koreli, Gerson, Max, Danielle, and Christian  join our family.  As you thank God for them also ask for his continued blessing on their lives.


This year we saw the passing of little Carlitos.  He was a sick little boy with very special needs.  He blessed all our lives during his time with us.  Doctor Castro took such good care of him.  We rejoice that he is now with the Lord and has a perfect body.  We all smile when we think of him dancing and playing on the streets of gold in Heaven.


Our whole team looks around each day in amazement at God’s providence.  He is the great provider and looks after Dorie’s Promise in a special way.  He has brought you into our lives.  He has protected us from terrible storms and other natural disasters.  He has blessed us with wonderful children who love to be loved!


In the last year, God has put on our hearts the plan to build an incredible playground in the backyard of Dorie’s Promise.  Several donors have come forward with lead gifts.  Construction is almost ready to start.  Ask the Lord to give us the right person to manage the project and the right Guatemalan construction team.


God has made it possible for us to finally put together an individual child sponsorship program.  Yes – you read that right!  In the next 30 days, you will be able to support whatever child you choose.  We’ve been working on this program since before we started Forever Changed International.  It is so wonderful to see it so close to completion.  Be praying for this project.  It is very detailed and complicated.  Current sponsors will be contacted via email to do the first child sponsorships.  If you’re a sponsor, be looking for that email.

God has blessed us!  We give him all the glory and honor for what He has done.  Thank you for standing with us in the last year.  Thank you for continuing to love the children in our care.  Together – let us ask God for his continued blessing and to give us many more years together serving the children of Guatemala.