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Former Resident Raises $1,000

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

When she and a friend set up a lemonade stand, Abigail made a Guatemalan flag to attach to their collection jar.

By Heather Radu –

Abigail raised $1000 by appealing to family, neighbors and friends for donations. Many generous donors sponsor children, conduct fund-raising events, and give to keep Dorie’s Promise running. But we recently learned about the most unique fund-raising effort conducted in 2016: a former resident organized it.

Nine-year-old Abigail Standifer was one of our last children involved in an international adoption, becoming John and Susan Standifer’s daughter in 2008.

While John sent us a check in late December for $1,000, he only recently shared the full story. Abigail raised those funds by appealing to family, neighbors and friends for donations.

Originally, she told nearby residents she was raising money for children in an orphanage in Guatemala. When she and a friend set up a lemonade stand, Abigail made a Guatemalan flag to attach to their collection jar.

“After that, she took the flag jar and went to some other neighbors,” says John, the sales manager for a small pharmaceutical company in Knoxville, Tennessee. “With our extended family, we used a letter from Forever Changed to discuss specific needs. She explained to everyone that this was the orphanage where she was born.”

The fund-raising effort took two months. The largest single donation of $250 came from one of Abigail’s aunts.

However, another one that really touched her heart came from a 22-year-old cousin. After she talked about the drive, he gave her everything in his wallet—twenty dollars. $20. She tried to return it, but he insisted she keep it.

While Abigail felt good about her campaign, later she wondered whether she had raised enough. However, FCI’s letter of thanks that explained its significance helped her better understand her accomplishment.Forever Changed International

“We are so proud of Abigail,” her father says. “She has this huge heart and desire to help people, and talks about this quite a bit. We were not surprised when she decided she wanted to raise money for her orphanage. I suspect she will want to do it again.”

In addition, Abigail has sparked interest among family members about visiting Dorie’s Promise. One of her cousins took a mission trip this spring; he had his choice of destinations and picked Guatemala because of Abigail’s influence.

The Standifers hope to return, too, especially since their daughter has been asking about going. Though much younger than brothers Weston (17) and Cade (13), John says Abigail has made their family complete.

Noting that Abigail’s name means “a father’s joy,” he says Susan felt like God placed that word in her heart during the adoption process.

“When we got the call about Abigail, we knew immediately she was our daughter,” John says. “She has brought tons of joy into our house since day one. We have friends who nicknamed her ‘Smiley.’ We can’t imagine her not being here.”

Such stories put a smile on our face, too.

VBS Raises $1000 for Dorie’s Promise

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

By Jill Easterling

It is VBS time again and the kids of Johnson United Methodist Church in Norton, Ohio spent a fun filled week stepping back in time to the days when Jesus was a kid. The church and the Family Life Center were transformed into Hometown Nazareth
complete with a Jewish market surrounded by palm trees and an old stone house where Jesus’s lived as a child.

Each night the children would learn what it was like to live in Nazareth when Jesus was just a kid and the world did not yet know that he was sent by God to save us. Visits to the market would involve interacting with the market vendors selling their goods that included pottery, plants, carpentry items, stones from the rock quarry and period food including flat bread, cheeses, fruit, nuts and honey.

After the market everyone would create fun filled crafts and play games that helped everyone learn their bible verses that would be recited to the Rabi’s for blessings. But no trip to Nazareth would be complete without visiting Mary’s house to learn about the exciting events going on at Jesus’s home as Mary graciously dealt with her neighbor Eunice who didn’t believe that Jesus was anyone special.

The children at VBS Hometown Nazareth love to help others. This year the classes were divided up into twelve tribes that competed to raise money for Dorie’s Promise in Guatemala. In the end we raised over $1000 for Dories Promise.

We had a great time at the VBS BBQ letting the wining tribe have the first throws at the dunk tank where the line was long to get wet on a hot Sunday afternoon. The blessings of this fun filled week where all around us as seen in the faces of the children and adults basking in the warm glow of the Holy Spirit. Everyone was lifted up to a higher purpose and shared their giving nature with those close to our hearts in a home called Dorie’s Promise.

See all the tribes on our Flickr page.