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Special Donation Through The Bronco Country Heroes Award

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Cayce Dossett with her team at Dorie's Promise

By Heather Radu-

Cayce Dossett  in Guatemala with LesterWhile it is impossible to rank the importance of a particular donation to the work of Dorie’s Promise, I am especially pleased by a recent $500 gift from Cayce Dossett.

A senior at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Cayce made her first trip to Guatemala last March. She and a friend joined nine other volunteers from various parts of the U.S. and Canada to make the week an unforgettable one for our residents.

The children especially enjoyed a day of music instruction provided by Cayce and her friend Andrew, who brought along a guitar, ukulele, and harmonica.

“I loved doing music with the kids,” says Cayce, who grew up in Winter Springs, Florida. “Pablo said they had never been able to do that. It was neat to help them learn some music. The Special Mothers are amazing, too. We got to hang out with them and see how they treat the children as their own.”

SCayce Dossett participating in the Broncos eventince she sponsors one of our children, we already knew Cayce had a special bond with our home. Still, we were excited when we learned she had designated her winnings from a pro football athletic competition to FCI.

“Train Like A Bronco” was held prior to a Denver Broncos’ training camp. It included 50 members of various military branches. Participants competed in the 40-yard dash, broad jump, cone drills, bench press, and vertical leap.

Cayce, a member of Cadet Squadron 34, was the winner among the female contestants. Fellow cadet Christopher Ryals won the men’s division.

The pair received their Bronco Country Heroes Award at Denver’s first preseason game at Sports Authority Field, the team’s home field.

Since National Football League telecasts are among TV’s most-viewed events, we are pleased that this year’s season includes a link to FCI. I would say I’m surprised, except that I’ve seen God do so many things over the years I really should expect it!

I’m also pleased that Cayce plans to spend her final spring break next March in Guatemala. She is recruiting other cadets and members of her Colorado Springs church (Woodmen Valley Chapel) to join her.

She is sharing with them about the home, as well as the community projects completed by most of our mission teams.

Cayce Dossett with a new friend she made while on her trip to GuatemalaCayce’s mission trip included going to a state-run orphanage, pouring cement sidewalks, and painting a pool at a community center near Guatemala City.

“It was my first time going on a mission trip,” Cayce says. “I was impressed with how organized it was. It made traveling there easy. I felt safe the whole time and I loved being with the kids. I think I learned more from the people and the kids there than I helped them.”

We like to say that mission-trippers’ lives are changed by a visit to Guatemala. Cayce’s story is proof of it!

Special Mothers : The Heart Behind Our Home

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Dorie's Promise Special Mothers

By MJ Zelya-

A Special Mother play in the water with our children during a recent trip to the beach.Everyone who does the work of a Special Mother at Dorie’s Promise has an important role in the lives of our children that will be remembered for the rest of their lives. If not by a name, it will be by a loving gesture, good manners that have become a habit, polite character, and an appreciation of how valuable life is. But the top goal of being a Special Mother is to show our children that there is a living God.

We want them to know that God is our Father, that He takes care of us, that everything in life happens according to God’s loving plan. They can feel free to talk and pray to Him. All of us want to pass on faith in God and the hope He gives for their future.

Each of the Special Mothers, supervisors, staff, and drivers are motivated by the most important thing in this world: LOVE.

Love for the Lord and love for the children. As Scripture says:

If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

—1 Corinthians 13:3-8 (NIV)

The value of the work the Special Mothers and other staff do for our children is immeasurable. It’s not easy raising so many children of the same age at the same time, but because they have a foundation of love in their hearts, they can Two of our older children, Mirna and Brayan, with one of the Special Motherscontinue to work with joy despite the difficulties that are bound to arise.

When we do activities with the children, one thing that touches my heart is the way they act like a family — protecting each other, worrying about each other, looking out to make sure no one is missing out. The children at our home show the fruits of love as they grow. The love we give them they not only return to us, but also show each other. Life hasn’t always been easy or pleasant for these children, yet they find that Dorie’s Promise is an oasis where they have everything they need: food, toys, a nice bed, medical assistance, protection, and people who genuinely love and care for them.

Following the Way of Jesus

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Following the Way of Jesus

Part fourteen of our Missions Matter Series, come back each week to find out more about serving those around your home and community as well as around the world. God has given us the power to be His witnesses! Start today…

By Heather Radu-

Founder Heather RaduDid you know we have not always been called “Christians?” If you read the book of Acts, Luke tells us that Christians were also called followers of “the Way” (Acts 9:2, ch. 19). If you think on those verse for a while, you might come to realize something surprising: being a Christian is not just about believing the truth about Jesus (although that is absolutely vital). It is also about following his example.

When Jesus graciously saves us, we are not called to relax and live a comfortable life. He didn’t, after all! Instead, we represent him and share his message. One of the things that Jesus did while he was here on earth was identify with the poor. In Matthew 8:20, he told his followers that he had no place to lay his head. Can you imagine? The God of the universe was homeless!

What does this have to do with us? Am I saying that we all need to be homeless and give everything away to the poor? No, of course not. Again, the book of Acts shows us that some people in the church had more money than others. The problem arises, though, when we who might be a little more well off begin valuing comfort over service. This is a huge danger for me, and for many Christians in the U.S.

Christians have to return to Jesus again and again. We need to be reminded that being a Christian should lead us into serving others, not because we’re better than them, but because we are just like them. When Jesus came to earth he became a human being he did not say, “I’m going to separate my people into the ‘upper class’ and the ‘lower class.’” This means that the playing field is even. No one is better than anyone else.

Since all this is true, we need to ask ourselves if we are truly imitating our Lord as we go about our daily lives. And the majority of the time, we will have to say ‘no!’ But even those moments can serve as a reminder that Jesus came down and put on a body just like ours so he could identify with us. As Christians (or followers of the Way, as Luke put it), we should always be ready to imitate our Lord.

A Taste for Being Wronged

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

A Taste for Being Wronged

Part thirteen of our new Missions Matter Series, come back each week to find out more about serving those around your home and community as well as around the world. God has given us the power to be His witnesses! Start today…

By Heather Radu-

Founder Heather RaduLoving junk food is easy, isn’t it? In America any supermarket or gas station is sure to have an unbelievable selection of junk, usually wrapped up in a brightly colored package. When we were children those treats were nearly irresistible, weren’t they? Crunchy chips and sticky, sweet candy bars were like treasures.

In comparison to junk food healthy food can seem pretty unappealing, at least at first. If you are a junk food junkie, you have to train your body (and your taste buds) to prefer the good stuff. Once you do, though, you will feel healthier, and you will be able to appreciate a wider variety of flavors. In other words, you will be better off in the long run.

Living out the gospel also requires us to make some choices that leave a bad taste in our mouths. For instance, did you realize that following the gospel requires us to cultivate a willingness to be wronged? Think about what Jesus taught us in Matthew 5:39-42.

But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if anyone would sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. And if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to the one who begs from you, and do not refuse the one who would borrow from you.

Jesus does not tell us to strike back or defend our rights. Instead, he said to give, and to be even more generous than the one who is doing wrong to us expects. That is not popular advice!

When you are ministering to the poor, you will be taken advantage of. You will be wronged. Greedy people will come along to take what they should not have, but when that happens you should be encouraged. That means you are doing something right. Continue to serve those people (but make sure those who are truly in need are being served as well). It could be that your generosity—your willingness to be wronged—will finally show them where they are going wrong. After all, that is exactly what Jesus did for us!

Maria Jose and Franco : A Very Special Pair of Siblings

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Maria Jose and her brother Franco

By MJ Zelya-

Maria Jose is very protective of her younger brother Franco.Maria Jose and Franco are siblings who entered Dorie’s Promise by court order because their birth mother abandoned them (and their younger sister Hilary) at a relative’s house. Their aunt couldn’t keep them due to the lack of economic resources, so they were sent to our home. At first the three of them came; Hilary’s birth father now has custody of her. For Maria Jose and Franco’s case, the judge decided to leave them at Dorie’s Promise because they don’t have relatives who want to support or take care of them. However, just recently they have been declared adoptable*, and the CNA (national adoption agency) is looking to place them with a loving Guatemalan family.

They are very special and loving kids. Anxious to be adopted, they say they want to be part of a family that will give them love and education, but they do not want to be split apart. Pray with us for a family to be found that will take both of them in and provide them with plenty of love and care.

Franco is an active child with a free spirit. He is all boy: running, jumping, and climbing. He also enjoys playing soccer. If you visit Dorie’s Promise, he will be delighted to play against you.

Maria Jose is also very active. She is very responsible and loves to help the Special Mothers with the chores. Besides that, she likes to play dolls with the other girls.

Maria Jose and Franco playing together in the backyard of Dorie's Promise“Maria Jose is a loving girl, smart, active, and very protective with her brother,” says Special Mother Lorena. “She loves to do crafts and share with us what she has learned at school. She is very spontaneous when she is talking; she always wants to be the first to answer when someone is asking a question. She is becoming more mature and secure in herself.”

Marleny, another Special Mother, says of Franco, “He is a smart boy. Sometimes he gets a little bit angry, but he is learning to control his impulsive behavior. He follows instructions perfectly and is usually very obedient. He is a big brother for the other kids. Franco is always on the lookout for his sister and wants to spend time with her.”

Lucky, a teacher, adds, “Franco is a bold, intelligent, and very independent boy. He also has a special sensitivity to what happens to others. Maria Jose is a smart girl. She likes to pay attention and read books. She is very clever.”

While they wait to be placed with a Forever Family, we are privileged to take care of Maria Jose and Franco. You can help us care for them by becoming a sponsor. You’ll get regular updates on how they are doing, including pictures, video, and written updates. You’ll be a part of our extended family at Dorie’s Promise. Prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor. By choosing to do so today, you are helping us meet the educational, emotional, welfare, and spiritual needs of both children — while helping change their lives for eternity!


*International adoptions from Guatemala closed in 2008

Look Out for Lazarus

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Serving the poor of the ghettos in Guatemala City

Part twelve of our new Missions Matter Series, come back each week to find out more about serving those around your home and community as well as around the world. God has given us the power to be His witnesses! Start today…

By Heather Radu -

Founder Heather RaduI love music. I suspect you do too, since it’s a pretty common love. Whether you love buying new songs and albums or you would rather just listen to what’s on the radio, you probably enjoy a good song. The beautiful melodies, fun rhythms, and meaningful words make music a worthwhile passed time.

One of the exciting things about living in this time is that many of us can listen to our favorite music whenever we want. For some of us, though, those devices we carry around—the ones that give us constant access to our music—become a problem. And it’s not just music-related. The problem can arise from any sort of entertainment or hobby.

Have you ever seen someone walking down the street staring at a phone, earbuds firmly stuffed into their ears? I know I have. They look a little distracted, don’t they? While I have no problem with music or games or social media, I’m afraid they are keeping us from connecting to those who need us.

The poor, I believe, are treated like their invisible at the best of times, so it is important for us to keep the gift of technology from making them even more invisible. I am reminded of the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, when Lazarus ate from the crumbs of the rich man’s table. The rich man could have shared anything with Lazarus, but he was too busy to notice the beggar who needed him.

The same can be true of us. Sometimes we cut ourselves off from people so completely from others that we wouldn’t know their needs were written in bright letters. It becomes worse if we are so preoccupied with the things we want to hear, read, or watch that we cut ourselves off from others.

Here is my encouragement to you. Don’t be like the rich man. Don’t ignore the Lazarus in your life. Instead of allowing yourself to be distracted by entertainment, look around. Talk with the people you see. If you meet them and get to know them, you will not only find out what needs they might have, but might also gain a friend in the process. And when you do that, you can truly show that person the love of Christ.

Education is Part of a Life-Changing Experience

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Our teacher helps a student with his writing.

By MJ Zelya -

Our teacher with several of the older grils from Dorie's Promise.God has blessed us with having had more than 200 children in our preschool classroom throughout the years. We give them the opportunity for not only education, but the chance to experience positive attention from teachers as well. At Dorie’s Promise, we try to educate our own children with love, understanding, tolerance, and logic. We try to make children happy while they are learning.

Our children typically start preschool at three years old; some of them at a later age because they entered Dorie’s Promise without any other schooling. In that case, we adjust their schedules so that all children can learn at the level they are currently at.

Lucky Perez started at Dorie’s Promise as a Special Mother and has been the teacher since April of this year.

She also teaches the four- to 12-year-old kids who come to Dorie’s Promise without any schooling, supports the other children with homework help, and works with the teens who are doing distance school.

“It was very difficult for me to get used to all the different needs of each system of school,” says Lucky. “It was a challenge for me. As I met more of the kids and they received support/tutoring with homework or activities at school, I have seen the fruits of the work. I like being a part of their lives. It’s rewarding seeing them happy and fulfilled in school activities.”

Teaching basic skills and helping with homework.The children of Dorie’s Promise need to feel loved and supported in school. As they do, they excel. Their skills improve, and their schools even offer their congratulations on the way we take care of the children. In addition, we love the way El Shaddai, the private school most of our children attend, takes such good care of them.

“For as much as I’ve used my knowledge to help their lives, they contribute in a special way to my own life. They have taught me to listen more and to see life in a new light,” Lucky continues.

“A story that filled me with great joy was one time at the science fair. All our children had to attend with costumes as scientists. I think just getting one costume is difficult, but six kids was a bit tricky — thankfully not impossible. With the materials we had on-hand to complete all the costumes, they were happy … but none of us ever imagined that the teachers and the other students would be so surprised and excited to see everyone dressed up. It was indescribable to see their happy faces — and that fills me with satisfaction.

It’s exciting to know that our children receive such personalized attention in their education. That, in addition to the opportunity to attend private school, means many of our children are preparing for the future — a different, better future than they would have had without Dorie’s Promise … and without the help of supporters like you.


Serving Others and Counting the Cost

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

A women holds her baby in one of the ghettos of Guatemala

Part eleven of our new Missions Matter Series, come back each week to find out more about serving those around your home and community as well as around the world. God has given us the power to be His witnesses! Start today…

By Heather Radu-

Founder Heather RaduServing the poor is a blessing. There is nothing quite like getting involved in someone’s life and making a difference. I know I have always loved seeing the light in a child’s eyes the first time he or she realizes that they have come to a loving environment at Dorie’s Promise. For all the blessings that come with service, though, we need to acknowledge that there is a price as well.

When Jesus spoke to others about becoming his disciple, he encouraged them to “consider the cost.” It’s important for us to do that with our service opportunities as well. For instance, if you get involved with underprivileged kids, how often will you see them? Once a month? Once a week? And what will you have to give up in order to keep those appointments?

Our schedules in the United States feel very tightly packed. There are things pulling at us from all directions. But in truth, how many of the things that we do are essential? How much time do you spend on FaceBook and Twitter, for instance? How much TV do you watch? If we trim the fat from our lives, we will be healthier and we will have a greater freedom to serve other people.

I want to encourage you to take a long, hard look at your schedule. There will be many non-negotiables, like worship, family time, and work, but there are also areas in which time can be saved. Do not be afraid to get rid of things that feel very important to you. If God is truly calling you to serve, you need to take every opportunity you can to do it. If you do, you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

You might also find that working in order to buy more and more gets in the way of service. Sometimes it feels like all our culture wants is for us to turn into buying machines. In a situation like that, how can we focus on serving others? Look around your house right now. I’m sure most of us have possessions hidden away that we wonder why you ever bought. So if we can count the cost and change our time and money priorities, we can be free to serve others in a fuller, richer way. How can you count the cost today?

We Love Our Prayer Team

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Jennifer says her prayers.

Our prayer team is an important part of our ministry, and the best part is that you can get involved with it now matter where you are. If you are not a part of the prayer team we invite you to join today. Each month we send out an email update letting you know the latest prayers and praises from our home. We’ve seen God move time and time again through your prayers. To our faithful friends we say “Thank you! God continues to bless us through your ministry in prayer.

Not on the prayer team yet? Here is what we are praying for this month:

  • Continue to pray for the health of both Dulce and Mario. They have lots of ups and downs and struggles. Pray for healing and for well being to be the new normal in their lives.
  • Pray for Nayeli Lux, that her adoption process would come to an end soon, and she can be reunited soon with her adoptive family. This situation being drawn out for so long has been affecting her emotionally and in her school work.*
  • Pray for the children in our home who are eligible for adoption to families in Guatemala. Maybe yearn to be part of a forever family. Ask God to place them with the right family.
  • Continue praying for Silvia, for her behavior, she is still having difficulties and is very impulsive in her behavior. She also wants to be adopted by a family.
  • Pray for new siblings Emely and Joseline for their emotional, psychological stability. That the Lord would be heal their heart and they can forgive what they have suffered.
  • Continue to pray for Nayeli Soto, that her case would move forward and she can belong to a family.
  • Pray for Alejandra, who has been having difficulties with her language development. Her language is behind for her age. Pray that she would catch up in this area.
  • Also pray for Yire this year has been tough for him in school, please pray for his behavior while at school.

*International adoptions for Guatemala closed in 2008

Making the Most of Your Time

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Serving children in the ghetto of Guatemala

Part ten of our new Missions Matter Series, come back each week to find out more about serving those around your home and community as well as around the world. God has given us the power to be His witnesses! Start today…

By Heather Radu -

Founder Heather RaduHow much time do you have?

That’s a pretty open-ended question isn’t it? “How much time do I have for what?” you might ask. Maybe I mean, “how much time until your next appointment?” or “how much free time do you have?” In the latter question’s case, I would guess your answer is “not much.” We are busy people, aren’t we?

We have work and family commitments, and we’re involved at your churches. Then we have to get our children where they need to go, and there are things to do around the house. And our friends end up getting a piece of our time too, don’t they? So if I ask you, “how much time do you have?” you would be tempted to answer “none.”

But it’s not true. The answer to “how much time do you have?” is “all of it.” God has given every moment of your life to you as a gift. That doesn’t mean that you should use your time in whatever way you want, but I think it can help us remember that we don’t have to let our clocks get out of control.

Sadly, serving is one of the first things people stop doing when their free time disappears. It’s hard to make time to feed the poor in our towns if we don’t have time to sit down and eat without going through a drive through. But we have to remember that the need doesn’t go away because our time did.

Please do not think I want you to add something to your already busy schedule! In Ephesians 5:16 Paul calls us to “redeem the time” (as the King James Version translates it), and that includes cutting back on the schedule. If we want to make time for the sorts of things that God is calling us to do, we have to trim some unnecessary things from our lives.

It is not easy, I know. Some “unnecessary things” are very enjoyable, and giving them up is hard. But if we really want to serve God in our communities, as he calls us to do, we need to make those hard choices. We need to find the time to serve those who are suffering all around us. Pray that God will show how you can trim your schedule so he can use you to demonstrate his love to those around you.