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Serving Others and Counting the Cost

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

A women holds her baby in one of the ghettos of Guatemala

Part eleven of our new Missions Matter Series, come back each week to find out more about serving those around your home and community as well as around the world. God has given us the power to be His witnesses! Start today…

By Heather Radu-

Founder Heather RaduServing the poor is a blessing. There is nothing quite like getting involved in someone’s life and making a difference. I know I have always loved seeing the light in a child’s eyes the first time he or she realizes that they have come to a loving environment at Dorie’s Promise. For all the blessings that come with service, though, we need to acknowledge that there is a price as well.

When Jesus spoke to others about becoming his disciple, he encouraged them to “consider the cost.” It’s important for us to do that with our service opportunities as well. For instance, if you get involved with underprivileged kids, how often will you see them? Once a month? Once a week? And what will you have to give up in order to keep those appointments?

Our schedules in the United States feel very tightly packed. There are things pulling at us from all directions. But in truth, how many of the things that we do are essential? How much time do you spend on FaceBook and Twitter, for instance? How much TV do you watch? If we trim the fat from our lives, we will be healthier and we will have a greater freedom to serve other people.

I want to encourage you to take a long, hard look at your schedule. There will be many non-negotiables, like worship, family time, and work, but there are also areas in which time can be saved. Do not be afraid to get rid of things that feel very important to you. If God is truly calling you to serve, you need to take every opportunity you can to do it. If you do, you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

You might also find that working in order to buy more and more gets in the way of service. Sometimes it feels like all our culture wants is for us to turn into buying machines. In a situation like that, how can we focus on serving others? Look around your house right now. I’m sure most of us have possessions hidden away that we wonder why you ever bought. So if we can count the cost and change our time and money priorities, we can be free to serve others in a fuller, richer way. How can you count the cost today?

We Love Our Prayer Team

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Jennifer says her prayers.

Our prayer team is an important part of our ministry, and the best part is that you can get involved with it now matter where you are. If you are not a part of the prayer team we invite you to join today. Each month we send out an email update letting you know the latest prayers and praises from our home. We’ve seen God move time and time again through your prayers. To our faithful friends we say “Thank you! God continues to bless us through your ministry in prayer.

Not on the prayer team yet? Here is what we are praying for this month:

  • Continue to pray for the health of both Dulce and Mario. They have lots of ups and downs and struggles. Pray for healing and for well being to be the new normal in their lives.
  • Pray for Nayeli Lux, that her adoption process would come to an end soon, and she can be reunited soon with her adoptive family. This situation being drawn out for so long has been affecting her emotionally and in her school work.*
  • Pray for the children in our home who are eligible for adoption to families in Guatemala. Maybe yearn to be part of a forever family. Ask God to place them with the right family.
  • Continue praying for Silvia, for her behavior, she is still having difficulties and is very impulsive in her behavior. She also wants to be adopted by a family.
  • Pray for new siblings Emely and Joseline for their emotional, psychological stability. That the Lord would be heal their heart and they can forgive what they have suffered.
  • Continue to pray for Nayeli Soto, that her case would move forward and she can belong to a family.
  • Pray for Alejandra, who has been having difficulties with her language development. Her language is behind for her age. Pray that she would catch up in this area.
  • Also pray for Yire this year has been tough for him in school, please pray for his behavior while at school.

*International adoptions for Guatemala closed in 2008

Making the Most of Your Time

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Serving children in the ghetto of Guatemala

Part ten of our new Missions Matter Series, come back each week to find out more about serving those around your home and community as well as around the world. God has given us the power to be His witnesses! Start today…

By Heather Radu -

Founder Heather RaduHow much time do you have?

That’s a pretty open-ended question isn’t it? “How much time do I have for what?” you might ask. Maybe I mean, “how much time until your next appointment?” or “how much free time do you have?” In the latter question’s case, I would guess your answer is “not much.” We are busy people, aren’t we?

We have work and family commitments, and we’re involved at your churches. Then we have to get our children where they need to go, and there are things to do around the house. And our friends end up getting a piece of our time too, don’t they? So if I ask you, “how much time do you have?” you would be tempted to answer “none.”

But it’s not true. The answer to “how much time do you have?” is “all of it.” God has given every moment of your life to you as a gift. That doesn’t mean that you should use your time in whatever way you want, but I think it can help us remember that we don’t have to let our clocks get out of control.

Sadly, serving is one of the first things people stop doing when their free time disappears. It’s hard to make time to feed the poor in our towns if we don’t have time to sit down and eat without going through a drive through. But we have to remember that the need doesn’t go away because our time did.

Please do not think I want you to add something to your already busy schedule! In Ephesians 5:16 Paul calls us to “redeem the time” (as the King James Version translates it), and that includes cutting back on the schedule. If we want to make time for the sorts of things that God is calling us to do, we have to trim some unnecessary things from our lives.

It is not easy, I know. Some “unnecessary things” are very enjoyable, and giving them up is hard. But if we really want to serve God in our communities, as he calls us to do, we need to make those hard choices. We need to find the time to serve those who are suffering all around us. Pray that God will show how you can trim your schedule so he can use you to demonstrate his love to those around you.

Meet Jennifer : A Bright, Happy Girl

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Jennifer's lived at Dorie's Promise sinceshe was an infant.

By MJ Zelya -

Jennifer is a beautiful, optimist, happy girl.Jennifer’s mother entered the Promise of Life program in 2007. She was going to give Jennifer up for international adoption*. It wasn’t completed because her mother abandoned the program early.

From the very beginning, Jennifer has shown that she is intelligent. When she came to us, she did not speak Spanish — instead she spoke the Mayan language, and it was very difficult to understand what she was trying to say. But she learned Spanish very quickly, and we were able to get her in to the preschool program right away.

Now Jennifer is one of the best students in her classroom! She has wonderful grades and loves to speak English. She enjoys going to school and coming home to share the new things she’s learned. She attends El Shaddai Christian school, a private school where several of our children have been given a chance to better their education. Jennifer brings home what she’s taught about the Bible and good values and is influencing her friends at home at Dorie’s Promise.

Lorena, supervisor of the house, says, “Jennifer is a beautiful, optimist, happy girl.

In addition to being a good student, Jennifer likes to play with dolls and play soccer! Her favorite part of the day is when she does homework with her tutor at Dorie’s. She LOVES hamburgers and Coca-Cola.

Get to know Jennifer better.She’s adventurous and she likes to discover new things, and invent new games. Her favorite color is yellow, and she loves listening to Christian music, especially Kari Jobe.

Carol, one of our special mothers, says, “Jennifer is very responsible, especially with her schoolwork — she works very neatly and is good at organization. She is a natural-born leader.”

Jennifer yearns to be part of a Forever Family. She is eligible for adoption to a Guatemalan family. We know God has a plan for her and pray that He provides just the right family — one where she can continue to grow and learn and be loved.

Until then, Jennifer is in good hands at Dorie’s Promise. She loves the staff, and they all say she is a very polite girl. Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is a place filled with love and care for Jennifer and all our children. It is a place where joy is a daily experience, and orphaned children find safety and security. Most of all, it is a place where children who have never experienced love can grow up knowing that God loves them no matter what and has a plan for their lives. Join our family by sponsoring Jennifer today!


*International adoptions in Guatemala closed in 2008

God’s Big Mission

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Children at Guatemalan Orphanage

Part nine of our new Missions Matter Series, come back each week to find out more about serving those around your home and community as well as around the world. God has given us the power to be His witnesses! Start today…

By Heather Radu -

Founder Heather RaduI think one of the most important realizations I’ve ever had is this: The only reason we have a mission is because God has a mission. Have you thought about that before? God is on a mission. It’s not just about saving souls either—though that is one of the most important parts. God’s mission is all about fixing what is broken in this world.

Back in Genesis God created a perfect world with perfect people who worshiped him perfectly. But, as we all know, sin came in and ruined that perfection. Once sin came in and wounded our hearts, all sorts of evil became possible. We see the impact of sin to this day. It hurts, damages, and destroys the good things God made.

God’s mission is to make all of that right again. He wants people to have that beautiful, loving relationship that we once had, and he sent Jesus to make it happen. Jesus succeeded, but you know what? God has given us the blessing of being able to play a part in that big mission.

This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about helping those who are in need. Many of these people have no idea how to help themselves out of poverty. Many have been abused and taken advantage of. Jesus came to set people free, and to help them worship the Father. When you and I step in and help the poor, we are demonstrating what Jesus is like to the people we meet. We can be a part of that mission.

So if you ever ask yourself, “why am I helping these people? What benefit is there for any of us?” You can answer, “because I am joining with God on his mission. The way that I help the poor is a picture of the gospel, and it opens the hearts and eats of people everywhere.” If you had never thought about God having a mission before, please think about that right now. Think about how your work in your own community actually contributes to God healing the damage that sin has done in this world.

3rd Quarter Sponsor Updates Ready!!!

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Sheily was recently added to our sponsor program.Sponsors it’s time to sign-in to view the new artwork, pictures and video as well as read the latest update for your child. We want to thank you for your continued support of the children at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. Your sponsorship helps us provide more than room and board for these orphans- it’s education, specialized medical and psychological care, and a loving home where they can feel safe and belong. We are always exceedingly appreciative for your faithful support of these precious little ones.

Login to get your updates.

If you are not a sponsor yet, we invite you to consider the opportunity to sponsor a child. Sheily (Age 1) was recently added to our program and is in need of more sponsors. She came to Dorie’s Promise when she was two months old because her birth mother abandoned her on the streets of Guatemala City. Today Sheily is growing and thriving even though she is tiny for her age. She is the baby everyone loves to hold. Sponsor Sheily now.

Every gift you give to our ministry goes toward improving the lives of children who would otherwise have no other hope. Please consider sponsoring a child today!

Once again to those of you who are current sponsors, “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!” from our entire team.


Fighting Poverty and Bringing Hope Through Community Projects

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Serving the poor in Guatemala City.

By MJ Zelya -

Since our ministry began in 2000, Dorie’s Promise has served many needy people in the communities of Guatemala City.Working in the local communities around Guatemala City is a benefit and an alternative measure to help those who do not have the resources to care for themselves. Guatemala is a poor country where eight of 10 people live in extreme poverty, and poverty is especially harsh in rural areas. According to the World Bank, many families live on $1-2 per day. It is difficult to imagine being able to take care of basic needs with that amount of money. As a Guatemalan citizen I can tell you: that amount would barely be enough to cover three meals a day for one person, I cannot imagine how entire families survive on it.

The vulnerability and risk that exist in communities of extreme poverty obstruct opportunities for everyone in building lives of their own. It is increasingly difficult to visualize any other type of life because of the basic limitations on food, education, and medicine.

According to the Human Development Report of the United Nations, Guatemala ranks at 125 out of 187 countries — leaving it in the bottom third of all countries.

That’s why in addition to providing a home and care for children who have been abandoned or negligently treated by their parents, we want to bring blessings to those in need in the communities surrounding us. At the same time, we know the problem of poverty, and a lack of resources means more children will need care. Many of those children will be sent to state orphanages, who are themselves struggling with resources.

Working in the community moves us forward. As we help improve the living condition of people in poverty, we know the aid we’re providing will have a positive impact on the community, and ultimately society, breaking the cycle of poverty.

A team prepares the ground for a cement floor.Since our ministry began in 2000, Dorie’s Promise has served many needy people in the communities of Guatemala City. Our focus in these service projects has been to help people by giving them what they need to improve their living conditions. Sometimes it’s as simple as giving them a water filter (so need in areas where purified water is not found). By pouring a cement floor we can help make their home a sturdier living environment. By providing a family with a pila (a kind of sink) where they can wash their clothes and dishes, we help multiple generations live cleaner, healthier lives. All of this work changes lives.

And even more than that: In putting faith into motion, we demonstrate the real love and hope they can find in God. We’d love for you to join us in this effort — to experience work that makes a real difference. We conduct trips all year long. It will be worth your time to spend a week with us.

We know many organizations fight against poverty, and that there is a lot of competition for your dollar when it comes to helping people like those in Guatemala rise out of poverty. Making a trip to Dorie’s Promise isn’t just doing a good thing, it’s doing something that really matters!

The Source of Greatest Love

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Special Mother with Nayeli Soto

Part eight of our new Missions Matter Series, come back each week to find out more about serving those around your home and community as well as around the world. God has given us the power to be His witnesses! Start today…

By Heather Radu-

Founder Heather RaduJesus once said, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13 ESV). We recognize this, so we are impressed when we hear about someone who has given up a lot to help people in need. And rightly so!

Sometimes, though, I think we can turn a “sacrificial life” into a kind of idol. Have you ever met someone who works and works and works, giving up their time and energy, only to complain that they are the only ones working? And then, when someone does try to help, they refuse to let them? This person has turned something good (self-sacrifice) into something very bad (self-righteousness). Sadly, these people often wreck their bodies through their work, and they wreck their souls by turning prideful and bitter.

To truly serve others in a loving and sacrificial way, we can’t be focused on how it makes us look or feel, or whether it makes us a “better” person morally. Every act of service that we do has to come from the love of God, which has already filled us. When we love God, love for others will flow out naturally. Then you will be able to serve without getting bitter or suffering from burnout.

Please do not misunderstand: I’m not saying that loving God makes serving people easy! It will always have its hard moments. But the only way we can survive the hard times is through the love and strength of Jesus. He will give us the resources we need, even at our lowest.

I think it’s likely that those people we admire, the ones who lay down their lives for their friends, don’t even think of what they do as “laying down their lives.” I think they see it as loving their neighbors, and that is the motivation for service that God calls us to. When you serve, ask yourself, “Why am I making this sacrifice?” Your heart may be filled with the love of God, or you may have selfish motives (we’re probably all a mixed bag, honestly). Either way, remember that God is love, and if we want to love others, we need to draw our strength from Him.

Meet Our Staff – MJ Uses Many Talents to Serve Others

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

MJ has worked at Dorie's Promise for the last 8 years.

By Alejandra Diaz, Director -

MJ is a valuable part of our staff.When I think about the good times and difficult times we have had at Dorie’s Promise, I can clearly see MJ close to me in all those times. One thing I have always admired about MJ is that she’s willing to help whenever necessary, even when doing things that are not her favorite. Not only is she willing to help, she always puts in her best effort.

I have known MJ since she came to Dorie’s Promise — I have seen her grow as a partner in ministry, as a person, as a woman, and, most importantly, as a Christian. Working at Dorie’s Promise changes your life, and that’s what’s happened to her. She has been here for eight years, and during those years many changes have happened in her life, both good and bad. But one thing has kept her strong: her faith. This faith has not only impacted her personal life, but also the lives of many people around her, her family, her friends, and the children at Dorie’s Promise.

MJ started working for us as an assistant, but through the years she has become more than that … she is now the finances and legal assistant and supports many other parts of our program. She is also good at decorating and organizing, so whenever there is such a need, we know who to ask.

For me there is no question that we are part of a big body, as the Bible says in Romans 12:4-6: “For just as we have many members in one body and all the members do not have the same function, so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly…”

In this body each one of us has a special function. I can see how God has used MJ’s talents in many different ways to build up His body.

During the past 8 years MJ has work at Dorie's Promise and we've seen her grow and flourish.Lesly, our receptionist, says, “MJ is a very responsible person who can be counted on for her support if you need it. Her passion and commitment to her work makes a difference in our organization. She is always willing to go the extra mile on her tasks in the legal, financial, and marketing department, and she always takes time to talk with the children. She not only takes care of her own kids, but also takes care of the Dorie’s Promise children as her own. The love she feels for children who are at our home is undeniable!”

The other staff agrees. “MJ is a hardworking, responsible, careful, attentive, and organized person,” says Special Mother supervisor Marleny. “Always worried about the children’s care, if they have what they need, no matter if it’s legal, spiritual, or material. As a co-worker, MJ is a supportive colleague, educated, a good listener, cooperative, and friendly.”

Of her work with us MJ says, “I know God has a purpose for my life and for the lives of our children. I love to see the process of their lives being transformed through God using this ministry. My job is to serve God in the work He is already doing, and while I’m here I feel that I am helping change the lives of children as well. It fills my heart with joy.

As a ministry, we are blessed to have staff like MJ who are so dedicated to our home. The work is not always easy, and I know MJ and the other staff would appreciate knowing that you are praying for them. Leave us a comment, or send us a quick note to encourage our staff.

A New Place to Play : A Playhouse For The Children of Dorie’s Promise

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

 The finished playhouse is just beautiful!

By MJ Zelya-

Missions team works on the playhouse for Dorie's PromiseAs a kid you’re always dreaming about all the toys you would like. And when you’re a little girl, your dream of having a doll house is pretty exciting. But even more thrilling is having a real playhouse with “real” furniture and play things to share with your friends. It’s something beyond imaginable, especially if you are in a country where at least 50% of the population lives in poverty.

This year, the children of Dorie’s Promise were blessed when a mission group from East Hartland, CT, completed building a wooden playhouse for our children.

The process of constructing it was amazing given its size! The girls were excited and anxious to go in the backyard and discover the new things it held. A couple weeks after the house itself was finished, founder Heather Radu decorated and furnished it.

“I want to give these kids what I would give to my own kids,” Heather says.

Special Mother Supervisor, Nohemi Peña says, “When the little girls play in the backyard, this is their favorite place. They love it — they pretend to cook and then feed the babydolls. They also ‘share’ the food they cooked with the boys and the older girls. They like to pretend to be little mommies. That house is extraordinary!”

“We were so overjoyed that we could build this playhouse for the children of Dorie’s Promise,” remarks Susan Olsen, who was part of the construction team. “We feel that God has blessed us with special building skills, and we are thrilled that He is using us in this way. We love to come and serve in any capacity, but when we build something and the children get so excited, it’s just great! We feel honored to be a part of Dorie’s Promise in this way.”

The playhouse was filled with toys by founder Heather Radu.Carol Lemus, another Special Mother, loves the playhouse too: “It’s so funny to see all the girls playing in that house; some of them cooking, or baking cookies, or buying groceries, or ironing the baby clothes….”

Nayeli Lux, one of the older girls living at Dorie’s Promise, says, “It’s fun to play with little kids in the house. All of them want to be our mother or our father. At the end, we have many fathers and mothers and they treat us like babies.”

Maria (age 6) is one of those little “mommies,” who declares, “I like to be the mom!”

Nayeli Soto (also 6) says she likes “all the different things you can find in the house, and also to pretend that I’m watering the plants on the windows.”

Watching our children having fun, sharing the toys, playing together — it’s priceless. We are grateful for all our donors and mission groups that come and take the time to make our home a better place.

For all those working with us at Dorie’s Promise, either caring for children, working in the office, or doing social work, it fills us with joy to see that our children are loved and blessed by many people — people who continue to support us and give the children the opportunity to grow up in a healthy environment.

God bless you all!

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