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Meet Sheily: A Little Ray of Sunshine

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Sheily is a little ray of sunshine.

By MJ Zelya-

Sheily will turn two later this month.Sheily came to Dorie’s Promise when she was 2 months old because she was abandoned by her biological mother. The last we’ve heard is that her mother is alcoholic and homeless. Because her biological family abandoned her and she was declared adoptable and CNA is looking for a Guatemalan family* to adopt her.

When Sheily was born she was suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome. This has caused her some developmental troubles such has being slow to gain height. She also has sign of emerging attention deficit hyperactivity. Yet with the loving care given to her at our home her development is getting better, and she is gaining weight.

Despite of the circumstances; she is a little ray of sunshine!!!

At first, she ignored people in order to avoid contact. After all the affection she has received at Dorie’s, she has become just the opposite. She waves at everyone that passes in front of her. As soon as she hears a song, she starts to dance and jump around. She has become a little parrot, she repeats everything!

Sheily outside with her Special mother going for a little walk.She is turning two this month, and she might not seem that age, but she has the skills! Through the early stimulation program, the Special Mothers help her learn new skills in the mornings and afternoons. Now she walks around the Home by herself, supervised of course, and whenever she enters a room she greets everyone.

Like most two-year-old’s when she is sleepy or hungry, she gets a little bit grouchy. She loves to play with balls, stuffed animals or dolls with José Carlos and Dulce. They love it when the Special Mothers let them be together in the same crib. It’s their little play date!!!

She is a loving girl and loves to be hugged and kissed, and she needs your support. When you sponsor an orphan like Sheily you help us provide the love and care that she needs. Care that goes beyond just providing for daily survival, we provide the children at our home the kind of care any parent would want for their own children. Sponsor Sheily today!

*International Adoptions in Guatemala closed in 2008


She Smiles All the Time

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

By Arwen McGilvra-

We’d like you to meet one of the adorable babies in our home. Sandi is a very active little girl who is just beginning to take her first steps. You can see her around the home pulling her little stride-ride toy. She smiles all the time and is a very friendly and kind baby.

Marleny, one of the supervisors, says of Sandi, “I enjoy seeing her playing with her stride-ride toy. She is learning to walk with it, and sometimes she will let it out and take a couple steps on her own. It’s very cute.”

Like most 16-month-olds, she plays hard during the day, enjoys bath time, and then sleeps well at night.

Sandi came to us when she was only 5 days old, by court order, because her birth mother didn’t want her. The mother’s family did not know she was pregnant, and she decided to give the baby up rather than face their disappointment. Sandi has been declared adoptable (for a Guatemalan family*).

Dr. Castro is happy with her development. “She is a lovely child,” he says. “She is healthy girl, and her development has reached the level we want at her age. We appreciate all the support we receive — it aids us in giving her a different, better life.”

Nohemi, one of her special mothers, says, “She smiles all the time. She is just starting to walk, and I really enjoy seeing her grow up.”

Sandi’s story is currently, thankfully, a happy one. In our home, joy is a daily experience, and orphaned children just like her find safety and security. But most of all, it is a place where children who would have never known love can grow up knowing that God loves them no matter what and has a plan for their lives.

Be a part of Sandi’s life by sponsoring her today. You’ll help provide for the daily necessities, as well as for the medical care and personal attention she gets from our special mothers. Besides the great things you’ll be doing for her, you will get special quarterly updates with new photos, videos, and artwork — things that are only available to her sponsors. Being a sponsor means you can enjoy watching Sandi grow up.


*International adoptions in Guatemala closed in 2008.

The 50% Club

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Mario – 50% Sponsored

Sandi – 50% Sponsored

By Arwen McGilvra –

Many friends of our ministry donate to us throughout the year. It’s gifts like these combined with sponsorships that allow us to run our program. However, sometimes we still ask, “Will Dorie’s Promise receive enough additional support this month to meet all of our fixed expenses?

By funding our home 100% through sponsorship, we can be certain that our monthly obligations to care for our children will be met. If we can reach our 100% goal, not only can we be assured in meeting our obligations, we will also be able to expand our ministry to serve even more children!

Sponsors are more than donors – they are part of our team!

We have four children in our home currently at or below 50% sponsored. While our ultimate goal is to have all the children 100% sponsored, we’d love to get these little ones over the 50% hump.

Dulce – Born premature, Dulce is a precious baby girl who has struggled with health issues. Doc has kept a close eye on her growth, and her special mother Myriam prays regularly for her. She is gaining weight, and we have seen improvement in her as she’s learned to babble and move around.

Sandi – A quiet baby who enjoys it when visitors come to her crib. She has a beautiful wide smile and a patient attitude. Which will be helpful as she learns to walk and begins to explore the world around her.

Mario – A tender baby boy whose smile will steal your heart. Premature and abandoned at the hospital by his mother, he has done well at our home.

Valentina – She came to us from the hospital after being left on the streets. She had been a very sick little baby suffering from pneumonia. Because of the love and care she’s had at our home, Valentina has stabilized.


Jack is a Free Spirit

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

By Arwen McGilvra & Pablo Villagran

I’d like you to meet a free-spirited little six-year-old. Jack is an active little boy living in our home who likes to play tag, sing songs, and go on field trips with our mission teams. He loves pancakes and the colors red and blue. He likes to kiss and hug his teacher and Special Mothers, who say that overall Jack is obedient, sensitive, and loving.

Children come to our home for a variety of reasons — most are sad … tragic, even. But some are puzzling. That’s the case with Jack. He was moved to Dorie’s Promise from a government home: he and another boy there looked so much alike, even had the same name, that they kept being confused with each other. So it was decided to separate them. Jack has been at Dorie’s Promise for almost a year now.

Sometimes when the children come to us, we do not have much information about their past or about the situations in which they lived. When Jack arrived, we were only told that he needed to be transferred from the state orphanage. We attended different hearings in the process, but never learned much about his family.

That recently changed when we were informed that he has family living about 10 hours away … and they want Jack back. Not knowing much about his family leaves us with a lot of questions.

  • What will his life be like with family members he doesn’t know?
  • Will they be able to provide a safe home and good education for him?
  • Will it be difficult for him to adjust to his new life?

In the last hearing, we asked the judge to give us the chance to keep Jack at Dorie’s Promise until he finishes the school year. We are praying for Jack, for his family, and for the decision that will be made in the next hearing.

Above all, we want the children here to be in a safe home with love and care.

While he’s been here, Jack has blossomed into a talkative, outgoing boy who is full of curiosity. He enjoys participating in devotionals. He is a good observer and pays special attention to small details. Jack has a tender heart — which can sometimes lead to temper tantrums, but he is learning to control those outbursts. His special mothers have a song they sing to help him calm down. It’s called Cuando Obedezco, or, I Will Obey.

Cuando obedezco lo que dice Jesucristo
me hago fuerte y crezco al oir su voz
y si el diablo dice no le obedezcas
lo callo le digo obedeceré
Cuando obedezco lo que dice mi papito
me hago fuerte y crezco al oir su voz
y si el diablo dice no le obedezcas
lo callo le digo obedeceré
Cuando obedezco lo que dice mi mamita
me hago fuerte y crezco al oir su voz
y si el diablo dice no le obedezcas
lo callo le digo obedeceré

(or in English)

When I obey what Jesus says
I become strong and grow to hear His voice
and if the devil says not to obey
I will ignore him and I will obey!
When I obey what my daddy says I
become strong and grow to hear his voice
and if the devil says not to obey
I will ignore him and I will obey!
When I obey what my mommy says
I become strong and grow to hear her voice
and if the devil says not to obey
I will ignore him and I will obey!

For the time that Jack is still with us, he needs the support of sponsors. People who have a heart for children like Jack — children who have been forgotten by a wider world. When you sponsor Jack, you are reaching out to an orphan in need.

Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is a place filled with love and care. It is a place where joy is a daily experience, and where orphaned children find safety and security. But most of all, it is a place where children who have never known love can grow up knowing that God loves them no matter what and has a plan for their lives.

Thank you for being part of our family and for caring for Jack!





Meet Dolce Maria

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Dulce is a very special child to us — she was born premature, so we have been closely watching her growth. There has been an incredible progress in Dulce’s health, thanks to the care of the special mothers and special attention from our doctor. She is a fighter — she has been fighting to survive ever since she was born. Her special mother Myriam prays every day for Dulce’s life. Since coming to Dorie’s Promise she has gained a few pounds and has better movement of her arms and legs.

She is starting to babble; whenever we put her on a bed she loves to turn around. Even thought she is very small the staff love picking her up and playing with her. Although she smiles less than the other babies, she is an observer, always watching whats happening around her. She loves her bath time and is more and more accepting of affection. We often talk to her and ask her questions; she responds by smiling or cooing. Her favorite drink is soy milk. She loves playing in her crib or just being held by her special mothers Janeth and Myriam. We think she is such a cute baby.

Pray with us for her continued development, and that she would not have developmental delays due to her premature birth. Please take some time to get to know Dulce on our site. She is currently only 40 percent sponsored. Over the next few months, we would love to see that reach 100 percent. We also would love to have you come to Guatemala City to see Dulce for yourself.


Source:Alejandra Díaz.

All About Abraham

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

By Pablo Villagran-

The story of two-year-old Abraham, who came to us a sickly child, today shows signs of remarkable improvement and is among the continuing series of miracles at Dorie’s Promise.

In Abraham’s case, recent quick action by our staff literally saved his life. He suffered  from bronchitis when he arrived as an infant, but Dr. Francisco Castro helped him cope with the disease.

Despite this help, Abraham continued experiencing various health problems since arriving with three of his sisters.

One night several weeks ago, his Special Mother realized he was having trouble breathing and contacted Dr. Castro, who came quickly to help.

Dr. Castro recognized that Abraham’s breathing problems, coupled with a high fever, signaled a serious case of pneumonia. He used our oxygen unit to help provide relief and then had the boy transported to a private hospital.

Not only did Abraham survive, he is showing incredible improvements in many areas. Today he is beginning to speak some words, eats by himself, is mobile, and demonstrates a free spirit and curiosity toward the world.

“He is one of the easiest kids to play with and interact with because he is very secure about himself,” says Special Mother Lucia.

“He knows how to make you laugh. He is always smiling and spreading his happiness to everyone that is close to him.”

Another of his Special Mothers, Mahaly, says Abraham loves to copy everything he sees and is a peaceful child who doesn’t like it when others argue. He already shows signs of faith; whenever he sees her with a tray of food, he says “amen” repeatedly.

“He also puts his hands together and says, ‘Amen, Jesus,’ whenever we sing,” Mahaly says. “He loves to participate in our morning devotionals. Abraham has good pronunciation skills and already knows how to say his name and his friends’ names.”

This precious little boy has many favorites, too. He especially likes fruit yogurt, the color red, and milk.

Among his favorite activities is playing ball. Abraham also likes to jump, run, dance, sing and paint. Just playing a small role in giving this delightful boy the chance to engage in the joys of childhood is one of the intrinsic rewards of working here.

Participants in our sponsor program are also creating a life of possibilities for this energetic youth. Their monthly donations help provide him with a home, food, education, health care, medicine and (most importantly) spiritual development.

Abraham needs nine more sponsors at just $35 each to reach full funding for his care. Many other children at Dorie’s Promise also need additional sponsor assistance; we are at 73 percent of the commitments we need. In order to reach out to more children in Guatemala we need to be at 100 percent.

If saving lives—on more than one level—appeals to you, click here for more information or to sign up to become a sponsor.

Another Happy Ending

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

By Pablo Villagran-

This week marks the conclusion of one of the happiest stories we have seen at Dorie’s Promise. It isn’t the adoption of a child, or even a big donation, but the return of brothers Jonathan, 9, and Gerson, 5, to their birth mother.

Gerson was able to return home in mid-August and with Jonathan finishing his school year he will be going home in the next few days.

The judge who first decided to remove them from their home decided that their mother had made sufficient progress in dealing with her personal problems. Since the hearing in August, Jonathan had been visiting his home most weekends.

Fortunately, court officials are to follow-up in this case to make sure the mother is fulfilling all her requirements and adequately caring for her sons. (Their father has died.)

After shuttling through temporary custody for awhile, Jonathan and Gerson came to live with us in July of 2010. While are delighted to see them going back to their mother, although we will miss them a lot.

Many mission teams and other people who came during the past two years got to know them, and we are sure they will miss them as well.

The boys’ teacher, Claudia Roncal, says the effort to reintegrate them with their natural family began six months ago.

She says the Dorie’s Promise staff assisted in this process by offering psychological and spiritual support for their mother.

Jonathan had more issues with rejection and memories of abusive behavior than his younger brother, since Gerson didn’t witness as much violence in their home, she adds.

“Jonathan came here with a deep aggression caused by his mother,” Claudia says. “The wound in his heart stemmed from his relationship with her. We worked with his mother for two hours on a number on Saturdays. Basically, it was a process of showing them how to play, talk and forgive.

“Because Gerson is younger, he wasn’t exposed to as much violence as Jonathan was. And, since he saw a lot of kids at the home leaving with their adoptive parents, he was very open to the idea of going back with his mother.”

Finally, when the day came that the judge declared the two boys could return home, Claudia says everyone experienced a range of emotions.

Although the judge said they could return home immediately, their teacher reached an agreement with Jonathan’s mother to allow him to stay with Dorie’s Promise until he finished the school year.

“I have seen his mother learning—after three years of being apart from her son—learning how to be a mother again,” Claudia says. “She is letting go of the past, too. Through all of this, we have seen how Jonathan is a wonderful child who was just desperate to be accepted by his mother.”

While this story has a happy ending, not all children living at Dorie’s Promise experience such an outcome. Some will remain with us throughout their adolescence. If you want to help children like Jonathan and Gerson, sign up for our sponsor program click here.

Caring for Maria

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

By Pablo Villagran-

Like so many in our midst, the story of Maria de la Luz has tragic beginnings, but after a year with us she is a much happier child.

Her journey to Dorie’s Promise, where she arrived last July, starts at the hospital where her birth mother abandoned her.

The court sent Maria to us because another home was full. We don’t know much more about her background because a court hearing on her status has yet to be held.

Yet we know she has deep-seated emotional needs. When Maria arrived she often didn’t sleep much at night and cried constantly during the day.

There came a time when she no longer wanted to take her bottle, says Imelda, the Special Mother who watches her most of the time. When Imelda saw that, she prayed and asked God to bless the tiny infant and talk to her soul and spirit.

“From that moment on, she started to be a happy baby,” the Special Mother recalls. “I think she had been in incredible pain because of her parents abandoning her and needed to let it go. I have been able to see how God works in Maria’s life.”

Today, Imelda reports that Maria wants to receive love and give it as well. When Maria goes out of the house, she tries to attraction attention from other children.

A beautiful little girl, she loves to play with dolls and small toys; she also likes to walk. She is starting to talk and responds verbally when she watches television.

“She dances too,” Imelda says. “She likes to see me smiling all the time. She can sit up by herself now and stand up, too. I have seen a lot of progress in her development.”

Maria is one of the children whose support comes from the faithful sponsors who help provide the tender—but expensive—care that we offer to our children.

Her current sponsors only provide 55 percent of the cost for her round-the-clock care, nutritious food and other benefits we provide.

Looking to the future, there is no telling whether the court will ever find adoptive parents willing to care for Maria.

And, while it will be awhile before she can fully communicate with her sponsors through e-mail, notes and personal visits, those who sign up to help sponsor this precious little girl will know the joy of helping her overcome a dreadful start in life.

Although it will be from a distance, sponsors can know the same kind of joy that her Special Mother feels.

“God has a plan for every life,” Imelda says. “I can say without a doubt that God opened the doors of Dorie’s Promise to Maria because He loves her. I know that God has a great plan for my baby’s life. I feel that He has set her free and that she will become a blessing to many people.”

Sponsor Maria today! Click Here.

New Child: Freddy Jose

Thursday, March 1st, 2012


Freddy is being adopted by an US family. He will be staying at Dorie's Promise until his adoption is complete.

New Child Angel

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

By Ken Walker-

The newest resident of Dorie’s Promise is also the youngest in the home’s history. Angel Gabriel came to the orphanage as a three-day-old infant, born to a teenage mother who wanted to give up her child for adoption.

The story of her arrival in mid-September sounds like a suspense novel, the transfer taking place late at night on a cold, rainy evening.

An agency called PGN tried to persuade the mother to keep her baby and set up an appointment for her to talk with a social worker. Even after that meeting, the mother insisted that she would not be able to care for Angel.

In turn, the agency was able to arrange an emergency court hearing, allowing her to abandon her child to the Guatemalan court system. That afternoon Director Alejandra Diaz talked to PR Director Desi Stephens and asked if she would help PGN receive a newborn that was just brought into court.

“She shared with me that it wouldn’t be till later that evening and I told her that would not be a problem,” Desi says.

However, when Alej called at 9 o’clock to check on the situation, the baby still hadn’t arrived.

Finally, around midnight Desi met the social worker and the birth mother. As they sat in the PGN van, Desi signed the court document stating that Angel was in their custody.

“He was so tiny and precious,” Desi says. “The social worker said, ‘I know he will have a good home here and that he will be taken care of.’

“However, I will never forget the image of the birth mother, looking at me as I took the newborn away, a ghostly, haunting look on her face—as though she were numb and could not express any feelings.”

Newborns can be more challenging, since they need more attention and care, including a full medical report to make sure the child is healthy.

Still, the staff is delighted to have Angel. “I like to see that he enjoys his bath time,” says Miriam Morales, his Special Mother. “I love having him in my arms, as he is taking his bottle. He looks so peaceful. I thank God for this precious little life, and pray that God will protect him.

With Angel, there are now 37 children at the orphanage, just shy of its capacity of 40.

Supporters are asked to pray that God will continue to give Angel good health, that he will know his life has value, and that he will know God has a perfect plan for him.

“Another way our supporters can help him is by making a general donation to the home on our website,” Desi says. “Help us continue to provide the children of Guatemala with the services they need.”