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Meet Gabby – Our Child Development Coordinator

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Gabby with Maria Jose and Nayeli Soto.

By MJ Zelya –

Gabby with Fabiola at Dorie's Promise.I have always thought that children are the future of our planet. To make a positive change in them, and in our world, they must have the right balance of spiritual, psycho-social, educational, emotional, and moral training. The goal being to raise them to be responsible adults.

When children come to us, we work hard to make sure they have what they need, no matter how much time they stay at Dorie’s Promise. We need to satisfy every part of a child’s life.

Education and proper development are an essential part to their future, which is why Dorie’s Promise is always looking for team members who can contribute to improving the children’s skills. Last December we hired a Child Development Coordinator named Gabriela Calderon, or “Gabby.” Gabby has created a series of programs and resources for the development of our children according to their age, as well as their physical and mental needs.

Alejandra, our Director, says, “One thing that I enjoy a lot at Dorie’s is that we are always looking for more! We want to give not only a basic education to our children, we want to give them the best; we want to make sure they not only receive good care, we want the best care for them; we want to make sure that each one of them gets the opportunity to develop all their God-given capabilities — and that is the reason why Gabby joined our team.”

Gabby is in charge of the daily routines for the children in the home. She also keeps up close communication with the schools and teachers following the progress of each child. She has even found some opportunities for extracurricular activities for some children — ballet, Our ne child development director Gabby, with children at our home.karate, and tennis classes, and hopefully soon we will also have dance classes for the older girls.

Gabby worked for Dorie’s Promise several years ago as the House Director. “I’ve always had good memories of my time working here,” she says. “Last year, the Lord gave me the opportunity to come back to Dorie’s Promise. I was really excited and eager to help our children.”

As soon as she arrived, Gabby started developing new schedules and activities for the kids to take advantage of every minute they have. “My intention is to facilitate opportunities for these kids to be the best they can be in every area of their lives — and for them to realize that, if they work hard, they can get out of their unprivileged situation and become successful people.“

Every day is a new challenge, as new needs arise that have to be tackled. “I ask the Lord to give me the wisdom to know what’s best for them. It doesn’t matter if the children stay with us for one month, or the rest of their lives; I am going to work, with the help of our donors and devoted staff, for them to experience what it is to have a good life…the life that they deserve.”

It has been a blessing to have Gabby on our team, to share the vision of Forever Changed in the lives of our children and with all of us at Dorie’s Promise.