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A New Place to Play : A Playhouse For The Children of Dorie’s Promise

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

 The finished playhouse is just beautiful!

By MJ Zelya-

Missions team works on the playhouse for Dorie's PromiseAs a kid you’re always dreaming about all the toys you would like. And when you’re a little girl, your dream of having a doll house is pretty exciting. But even more thrilling is having a real playhouse with “real” furniture and play things to share with your friends. It’s something beyond imaginable, especially if you are in a country where at least 50% of the population lives in poverty.

This year, the children of Dorie’s Promise were blessed when a mission group from East Hartland, CT, completed building a wooden playhouse for our children.

The process of constructing it was amazing given its size! The girls were excited and anxious to go in the backyard and discover the new things it held. A couple weeks after the house itself was finished, founder Heather Radu decorated and furnished it.

“I want to give these kids what I would give to my own kids,” Heather says.

Special Mother Supervisor, Nohemi Peña says, “When the little girls play in the backyard, this is their favorite place. They love it — they pretend to cook and then feed the babydolls. They also ‘share’ the food they cooked with the boys and the older girls. They like to pretend to be little mommies. That house is extraordinary!”

“We were so overjoyed that we could build this playhouse for the children of Dorie’s Promise,” remarks Susan Olsen, who was part of the construction team. “We feel that God has blessed us with special building skills, and we are thrilled that He is using us in this way. We love to come and serve in any capacity, but when we build something and the children get so excited, it’s just great! We feel honored to be a part of Dorie’s Promise in this way.”

The playhouse was filled with toys by founder Heather Radu.Carol Lemus, another Special Mother, loves the playhouse too: “It’s so funny to see all the girls playing in that house; some of them cooking, or baking cookies, or buying groceries, or ironing the baby clothes….”

Nayeli Lux, one of the older girls living at Dorie’s Promise, says, “It’s fun to play with little kids in the house. All of them want to be our mother or our father. At the end, we have many fathers and mothers and they treat us like babies.”

Maria (age 6) is one of those little “mommies,” who declares, “I like to be the mom!”

Nayeli Soto (also 6) says she likes “all the different things you can find in the house, and also to pretend that I’m watering the plants on the windows.”

Watching our children having fun, sharing the toys, playing together — it’s priceless. We are grateful for all our donors and mission groups that come and take the time to make our home a better place.

For all those working with us at Dorie’s Promise, either caring for children, working in the office, or doing social work, it fills us with joy to see that our children are loved and blessed by many people — people who continue to support us and give the children the opportunity to grow up in a healthy environment.

God bless you all!

Visit our Facebook page to see all the pictures.

Beautiful Backyard After One More Try

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

By Bradley Burck-

You need to have a look at the pictures of what we’ve done to the backyard. After years of trying to grow grass and failing, we brought in landscaping professionals. The results – FANTASTIC! Have a look at these pictures.

Abel who has spent a lot of time over the years watering the grass (and dirt) of our yard with a hose said, “I love the fact that we put in sprinklers. This will make sure the roots take hold and the grass continues to grow.”

In addition to the grass and in-ground sprinklers, we’ve also put bark chips around the play area and created a small garden area. The bark should make any hard landings and the falls off the play set a little easier to handle.

The back yard is finally where we have always wanted it. The grass we planted should stick this time because we chose a variety with a very deep and aggressive root system. We also grew the grass from seed instead of laying down turf. We’ve been very careful to let it grow and take hold before letting the children play on it,” said Heather Radu.

The grass, bark, and the garden area are just the next phase in the work we planned for the backyard. Stay tuned and see what’s coming. In the next year, we should have a playhouse built for the little girls.

Pablo Villigran who works with missions teams said, “This backyard is perfect for the children to play and run and work out their wiggles. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun back here with the children and our mission teams this summer. I’m dreaming of some good kickball games!”

For all those who donated their time and gave generously over the years to specifically see the backyard turned into a wonderful play area for the children – THANK YOU!

May God richly bless you for all your hard work and generosity.

Backyard Phase 2 Finished

Friday, October 26th, 2012

It has been a very busy week at Dorie's Promise. Our project to restore the backyard reached phase 2 with the installationof a new playset. You can image how excite the kids are. Take a quick look at the video and pictures of the project below.


Phase One Complete!

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

By Pablo Villigran-
With summer almost upon us, we were overjoyed to see phase one of our backyard reconstruction project completed in late April.
The work started last summer before a sinkhole interrupted progress and sent us back to square one—making this milestone that much more enjoyable.
Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers and contributors, we now have new grass, new plants, and a beautiful covered patio with spacious seating for our children, staff and guests.
Three mission groups helped with different aspects of the project, including putting in the grass, painting walls and cleaning the whole area.
It was wonderful to see both children and adult volunteers working with so much enthusiasm, knowing that they were helping us to have a better, safer place where our children can play.
In addition to volunteering their time, these groups made monetary donations to pay for the grass, paint and various tools.
With phase one completed, we are embarking on phase two, which we hope to start this summer with the arrival of more mission groups.
It will include preparing the area with woodchips prior to setting a large play structure in place. The structure will contain swing sets, slides and other equipment. We also hope to plant more flowers and trees.
However, we still lack a crucial component for phase two—money. We haven’t raised the last portion of the $20,000 we needed to complete phase one, so we will proceed with phase two as God provides for various expenses.
Phase three is still on the drawing boards, but we are thinking about building a woodhouse, installing a sand box, and putting in more swings for infants and toddlers.

We have yet to meet with an architect to finalize plans, which have shifted as work has proceeded.

Even though we have had to proceed at a gradual pace, there is no doubt these upgrades have improved life for everyone at Dorie’s Promise.
Our children have enjoyed the yard and patio. Even though they aren’t able to play there every day yet, we are close to organizing various activities for them. The staff and mission team members will also enjoy these opportunities.
The covered patio is especially wonderful for staff members, who now have a more pleasant setting in which to enjoy meals and a comfortable place to rest after dinner.
Our hope is that work on phase two can be finished by the end of this summer, with the timetable for phase three depending on remaining fund raising efforts. This need represents a fantastic project for a mission team or other group that wants to play a significant role in the lives of Guatemala’s orphans.



Phase 1 Done

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

The first phase of the backyard reconstruction has been completed!  Check out the pictures of the sun deck and eating area for the children, staff, and mission teams.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS HAPPEN!  Now on to PHASE 2.




Backyard Update: Green Grass Again

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

By Alejandra Diaz-

Although a sinkhole that developed soon after we started backyard renovations last summer sent us back to square one, two mission teams recently helped us put down new grass.

First, a group of missionaries visited from Dec. 3 to 12 to help with this as part of their projects. We also had a group from a Nazarene church that did additional work the first week of January.

These two groups invested about $1,000 in the yard work, a welcome addition to our resources.

Fortunately, the problems caused by the sinkhole have been resolved. However, we still need to meet with the architect to formulate plans to resume other improvements.

We had completed a covered patio and a wall behind the patio before the sinkhole developed and wiped out all the grass. All the small plants we had put in also had to be removed.

Because of this interruption, we had to restrict access to the backyard due to safety concerns.

While repairs were in progress, children had to play outside the homes or in a small, nearby park. This was not always a good option because of rain or cold weather.

Although we have green grass again, we need to wait 20 to 30 days before the kids can play there, so we can make sure the turf is strong enough to accommodate them.

Despite the setback, we saw something good come out of this situation. During their vacation from school, we enrolled the older children into a football-soccer course. To make sure they had adequate exercise, they attended for four hours every morning.

Not only did they enjoy the course, they did so well that the team from Dorie’s Promise captured the championship trophy! So God does have a plan, even in the midst of apparent disaster.

In addition to establishing a new construction plan, we also have to draw up a new budget.

Before the problems, we were about $5,000 short of the $20,000 needed to complete the renovations.

One of the primary reasons for this work is to meet our goal of providing an attractive, safe environment where children can exercise, have fun, and socialize with visiting mission teams and individuals. It will also provide a meeting space for staff members.

For us, Dorie’s Promise is a place where most of the dreams that kids have can come true—such as having a nice place to live, a good school, and proper medical care, not to mention people who care about you.

Since having a good place to play would likely make any child’s “top 10 list,” we want to make this dream a reality too.

Backyard Photo Update

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Read about the sinkhole and the need for backyard repairs on our previous entry Sinkhole Interrupts Renovations.

See More Pictures Here: Flickr Backyard Set

New Backyard Pictures

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

September 2011 September 2011

New Photos of the Backyard

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

The wall has grown to get ready for the new backyard redesign


The river behind Dorie's Promise is changing directions.  This caused part of our backyard to collapse.