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Keeping Up With Our Kids

A glimpse into our normal school day at Dorie’s Promise.

By Kelly Shank –

Our teacher helping a student with their homework.School is winding down in America, but we’re only half way through in Guatemala. (Our school year runs from January through October.) This week we want to share a glimpse into our normal school day at Dorie’s Promise.

Imagine trying to get 40 kids ready for the day. School days require lots of outfits, breakfast dishes, book bags, lunches, and some occasional tears in our home. Our small army of Special Mothers, drivers, and cooks get everyone fed, dressed, cleaned up, and to school every day with precision.

Before the sun rises, our Special Mothers are up, getting kids ready. With more than 30 children attending 4 different schools this year, it takes a lot of coordination between our Special Mothers and drivers to get everyone to school on time. By 6 am, our kids are almost ready for school. When you visit Dorie’s Promise, you’ll start to hear the buzz coming from our children’s houses around 5:30 each morning.

While Oscar and Abel make the 2 hour loop between schools, our Special Mothers begin their daily routines in the quiet houses. With significantly fewer children at home during the day, they’re able to tackle all the daily tasks that keep our homes running.

Each morning they attack a mountain of laundry and breakfast dishes before tidying up the homes. Although, these daily tasks may seem dull, they’re actually one of my favorite parts of the day. Visiting with the Special Mothers while they fold laundry gives me the privilege of learning more about them and hearing them pray for our children. You’ll be amazed by how happy they are while folding laundry.

In the classroom at Dorie's Promise.Throughout the day, our teachers work with our homeschooled children and preschoolers. Each child has an individualized plan to help them progress. For the little ones, our teachers work to prepare them for school—colors, letters, numbers—just like you do. Our homeschooled children receive even more specialized attention to help them improve in the areas where they struggle, many with the goal of being school-ready for the next year.

In the afternoon, Abel and Oscar make the 2 hour loop again to pick up all of our children.

We do lots of homework in our home, sometimes with our teacher and other times with the Special Mothers. Either way, we cycle through everyone’s after-school snacks, homework, activities, and play time all before supper. There’s an amazing rhythm to our after-school routine.

Before we know it, it’s time to slow down, spend quiet time together, and start our bedtime routines—everyone tucked into bed, sleeping soundly, and ready to start again.

Without our staff at Dorie’s Promise, we’d be lost! When you see our Special Mothers, drivers, cooks, maintenance men, medical staff, cleaners, and office team, please let them know how much you appreciate their dedication to our children.

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