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Celebrating 6 Years with Sweet Dulce

Dulce at her 6th Birthday Party

By Kelly Shank –

A pinata for Dulce's 6th Birthday.This month, our sweet Dulce turns 6 years old! Her story is a celebration of strength and determination.

At just 4 days old, Dulce came to our home after being abandoned shortly after birth. Although we wish her story had a better beginning, we’re thankful she found her way into our home so quickly.

Many of us remember Dulce as the tiny baby sleeping in a bassinet in House 5. In many ways, she resembled a baby doll tucked beneath her blankets. Always small for her age, we quickly realized she had several serious medical conditions.  Luckily, Doc Castro and our Special Mothers watched her constantly as a baby to monitor her health. She experienced several medical scares over the last few years, but we’re confident Doc’s care gives her the best opportunity at a healthy childhood.

Despite her rough start and many challenges, Dulce is growing and loves living in our home.

When you visit our home, she’s one of the first little girls ready to give hugs. Always full of smiles and giggles, Dulce is welcoming to everyone and enjoys the company of anyone willing to play with her, especially if you have musical toys.

Dulce as a baby with one of her special mothers at Dorie's Promise.Children like Dulce are the reason our staff works so hard, even risking their own broken hearts when children leave our care for that of families. Our team understands that every child deserves a safe home and a loving family.

We don’t know why Dulce was abandoned, but we know she is loved by us. Doc and Mirna give her excellent medical care. Her Special Mothers help her play and learn new activities. Our teacher helps her develop new skills. Plus, she has a house full of “sisters” always looking to entertain her.

Dulce is one of the most loving little girls in our care. We’re lucky to have her in our family at Dorie’s Promise.

If you’d like to learn even more about Dulce, consider becoming her monthly sponsor  or visit our home in Guatemala.

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