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Behind the Scenes: Abel and Oscar

Abel and OscarBy Kelly Shank –

Our home runs well because of the dedicated staff who work behind the scenes. We’ve introduced you to our office staff, medical team, teachers, and one of our Special Mothers recently.  Today, we want to highlight Abel and Oscar.

These men help keep our home running in ways you don’t normally notice. They’re drivers, maintenance men, mechanics, and helpers in all we do. More importantly, they’re men who show up every day and love our children, bringing stability and father figures to our home.

For more than a decade, Abel and Oscar have been a consistent presence in our homes. In their early years with us, they were vital for adoptive families. Abel was one of the first people adoptive families met when they visited our home. Both men were instrumental in helping us keep our adoptions on track by making sure everything and everyone arrived on time.

They’re still doing a lot of driving, but now it’s mostly to and from schools. Abel and Oscar take turns driving the school loop each day. Taking all of our kids to 4 different schools means spending about 2 hours each trip: morning, lunch, and afternoon. That’s a lot of time in the van each day.

Oscar especially enjoys his school trips because he gets to spend time with the children, talking with them and staying connected to what’s going on in their lives.


Abel joined our staff in 2004. Over the years he has done almost every job at Dorie’s Promise. Abel’s first priority is our children. He’s seen all of our children grow up and has a special connection with each of them.

Many past team members will remember him as the energetic trip leader with a knack for mixing concrete. If the words, “volcano, volcano” and “more water, more water” mean anything to you, you’ve definitely mixed concrete with Abel.

Helping with our community projects has also given him the opportunity to create friendships with the many people we serve, as well as trip participants. Once you work with Abel, you’ll never forget him. He shares that he “cannot be more grateful to belong to FCI. With my work and family, I have a full heart.”


Oscar is everyone's "grandpa" at Dorie's Promise.In 2006, Oscar joined our staff. He is a quiet, calming presence in our home. Our children often call him Papa Oscar or Abuelo (grandfather), thanks to his gentle spirit. Oscar genuinely cares for all of our children and wants to connect with each one.

Oscar is also the person who knows how everything runs at Dorie’s Promise. If there is a problem with anything, including our cars, Oscar is the person who helps get it fixed.

He’s also the guy who helps us make all our legal appointments and deliver paperwork to be processed. Simply put, Oscar knows where to go and who to see to make sure we are doing the best for our kids.

Our Appreciation

We want to thank Abel and Oscar for their loyalty to our children.

Our Legal Assistant, Jessica, shares that Abel “has been here many years and is loyal to the organization, but more than that he is loyal to the children.” Oscar is a “hard and committed worker. You will never hear him say no to something related to the well-being of our children.”

We appreciate their dedication to Dorie’s Promise, but moreover we appreciate their dedication to our children.

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