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Abraham Emanuel Reconnects with His Family

Abraham Emanuel at Dories Promise

By Kelly Shank –

4 year old Abraham Emanuel at Dorie's Promise

4 year old Abraham Emanuel

Our hope is for each of our children to find a loving family. Each time one of our children is able to reconnect with birth family or is matched with an adoptive family, we celebrate. Although we love our children, we know living with a family is best.

This past January, Abraham Emanuel (Abraham) finally went home with his sister and aunt.

Abraham’s Story

In September 2012, Abraham toddled into our home for the first time. Only 4 years old at the time, he was surrounded by new people in a new place and wasn’t sure what to think or do.

When he was only a baby, Abraham’s mother passed away, leaving his future uncertain. For the next several years where he would live was in question. Eventually, the courts referred him to our home where he would find stability. For the next 5 ½ years, Abraham became a member of our family at Dorie’s Promise.

We have watched Abraham grow and mature from a quiet toddler to a confident young man. Our home became his home and he grew to love the other children and staff. One of his favorite hobbies is playing soccer, and there was always other boys ready to play with him in our backyard.

Abraham’s Future

This past January, Abraham finally went home with his sister and aunt.Last year, Abraham’s older sister Karla began the process of seeking custody. At just 19 years old, becoming the primary caregiver for her younger brother would be difficult, but Karla was determined to reunite their family. She fought hard for her brother.

Along with Karla, their aunt also stepped up to help reunite Karla and Abraham. While Karla works, their aunt will be caring for Abraham when he’s not in school. Abraham will be surrounded by family who loves him every day. This is our dream come true.

The day Abraham left Dorie’s Promise was filled with mixed emotions for everyone. He was excited to go home with his sister but sad to leave everyone he had called family for the last 5 years. Most of his memories were made in our home, and leaving means he’s starting over again.

For our staff, watching him leave was both exciting and hard. We celebrate each time one of our children gets the chance to go home, but we will still miss him. Even in our sadness, we understand our part in his life may have been short, but was significant because we helped prepare him for his future.

We wish Abraham, Karla, and their whole family all the best!

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