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Meet Luis: A Good-Natured Little Boy

Ruth meeting Luis for the first time.

Meet Luis: A Good-Natured Little BoyLuis is one of a handful of children who are still stuck in the system after a 2008 law put a moratorium on international adoptions from Guatemala. The adoption process was near completion when Guatemala closed its doors to adoptions outside the country. After seven years, the courts are still working on his case.

Luis is described by his Special Mothers as OUTSTANDING! He is responsible and follows the rules. He is always paying attention to little details. At school, he works neatly, always giving his best effort.

His adoptive mother, Ruth Sheehan, says, “Luis is a blessed, precious child and has been that way since he was a baby. Even as a tiny baby, he was almost always happy, good-natured, patient, and joyful. We have fun every time I am able to see him.”

He loves to play football (soccer) with his friends. At night before going to bed, he always chooses Star Wars books. He enjoys assembling Legos and is always trying to create new shapes and figures with them. Luis has a good eye for detail and symmetry, and works on something as long as it takes until he gets it just the way he wants it.

He loves games and puzzles, and will focus on these and even school exercises with extended concentration.

A recent picture of Ruth and Luis at Dorie's Promise.Luis is not a fan of vegetables, but he always eats them because he knows they are good for him. His favorite food is CEREAL!!!

Dr. Castro says, “He is very skillful at sports, especially soccer, and is a wonderful, affectionate child. He is also very compassionate and friendly with other children. His development is very good, and he has been a healthy boy.”

He is very sensitive to others (children and adults), picks up quickly on nonverbal cues, and genuinely wants others to be content. He has a strong sense of justice, knows right from wrong, and will take a leadership role to make sure the rules are followed. Everyone agrees that Luis is smart and inventive.

When Luis was a baby his adoptive mother Ruth would lift him up so he could see his face in the mirror, and he would laugh and giggle over and over. He is still a happy boy today.

“He has always had the best smile of any child I have ever seen,” Ruth says. “I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute I have ever spent with him! He is the answer to my prayers.

Luis' first Christmas.Ruth would very much like to bring Luis home to his Forever Family, and we ask that you join us in praying for that to happen soon. In the meantime, you can sponsor him to help us give him the best possible care, medical treatments, and education.

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