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Maria Jose and Franco : A Very Special Pair of Siblings

Maria Jose and her brother Franco

By MJ Zelya-

Maria Jose is very protective of her younger brother Franco.Maria Jose and Franco are siblings who entered Dorie’s Promise by court order because their birth mother abandoned them (and their younger sister Hilary) at a relative’s house. Their aunt couldn’t keep them due to the lack of economic resources, so they were sent to our home. At first the three of them came; Hilary’s birth father now has custody of her. For Maria Jose and Franco’s case, the judge decided to leave them at Dorie’s Promise because they don’t have relatives who want to support or take care of them. However, just recently they have been declared adoptable*, and the CNA (national adoption agency) is looking to place them with a loving Guatemalan family.

They are very special and loving kids. Anxious to be adopted, they say they want to be part of a family that will give them love and education, but they do not want to be split apart. Pray with us for a family to be found that will take both of them in and provide them with plenty of love and care.

Franco is an active child with a free spirit. He is all boy: running, jumping, and climbing. He also enjoys playing soccer. If you visit Dorie’s Promise, he will be delighted to play against you.

Maria Jose is also very active. She is very responsible and loves to help the Special Mothers with the chores. Besides that, she likes to play dolls with the other girls.

Maria Jose and Franco playing together in the backyard of Dorie's Promise“Maria Jose is a loving girl, smart, active, and very protective with her brother,” says Special Mother Lorena. “She loves to do crafts and share with us what she has learned at school. She is very spontaneous when she is talking; she always wants to be the first to answer when someone is asking a question. She is becoming more mature and secure in herself.”

Marleny, another Special Mother, says of Franco, “He is a smart boy. Sometimes he gets a little bit angry, but he is learning to control his impulsive behavior. He follows instructions perfectly and is usually very obedient. He is a big brother for the other kids. Franco is always on the lookout for his sister and wants to spend time with her.”

Lucky, a teacher, adds, “Franco is a bold, intelligent, and very independent boy. He also has a special sensitivity to what happens to others. Maria Jose is a smart girl. She likes to pay attention and read books. She is very clever.”

While they wait to be placed with a Forever Family, we are privileged to take care of Maria Jose and Franco. You can help us care for them by becoming a sponsor. You’ll get regular updates on how they are doing, including pictures, video, and written updates. You’ll be a part of our extended family at Dorie’s Promise. Prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor. By choosing to do so today, you are helping us meet the educational, emotional, welfare, and spiritual needs of both children — while helping change their lives for eternity!


*International adoptions from Guatemala closed in 2008

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