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Parenting with Love and Logic

Special Mother with one of our children at our home in Guatemala

By Bradley Burck-

Using Love and Logic at Dorie's Promise“Their smiles are amazing!” Visitors often use this phrase, and others like it, when they describe our children here at Dorie’s Promise. It makes sense, too, because they are constantly smiling, even though many came from circumstances more difficult than most might guess. Our dedicated group of special moms are a major reason why these children are so happy, and we are forever grateful for their dedicated love.

Of course, as anyone who spends time with children knows, even the sweetest struggle at times. Our special moms do a good job of sorting through those problems, but we at Dorie’s Promise want to give them the best tools available to help them succeed. We think helping our children flourish is worth whatever investment we need to make. That is why we are so excited about Parenting with Love and Logic.

Parenting with Love and Logic is a program that will equip our special moms with the knowledge and practical experience they need to help the children break free from negative behaviors. At the same time it saves the special moms from becoming frustrated by a child’s repeated mistakes.

One of the great things about Parenting with Love and Logic is that it is taught in several different ways. This means each special mom will have the training reinforced multiple times. For instance, there are six training sessions they will each attend. They will hear what they need to do, but later this information will be reinforced by the text they are reading. They can then discuss what they read with each other in their book club. Finally, and perhaps best of all, an instructor will observe each special mom as she puts the lessons into practice. The process is private and designed to be encouraging so no one feels like they are being judged.

Special Mothers and the Orphaned Children living at Dorie's PromiseLet me give you an example of what the special moms will learn through their six sessions in Parenting with Love and Logic:

• Avoiding unwinnable power-struggles and arguments

• Staying calm when children do extremely upsetting things

• Setting enforceable limits

• Avoiding enabling and beginning empowering

• Helping children learn from mistakes rather than repeating them

• Raising children who are family members rather than dictators

As you can see, these sessions are designed to teach some of the most important skills needed to raise a healthy, well-adjusted child. We want our little ones to have bright futures, so we are eager to get started.

The total cost for Parenting with Love and Logic, including all the sessions plus the reading material, is $1,350.00–a price which includes a 25% discount.

We know that as supporters of Dorie’s Promise you don’t want our children to just survive. You want them to grow into vibrant, healthy adults. This program is designed to do just that, so please consider supporting our efforts with your prayers and a financial donation. Help us to continue investing in the lives of those who need it most.

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