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“I never could have imagined the impact…”

Katies and Her Husband with Mario

Guest Post: By Katie May

My first visit to Dorie’s Promise was last October on a mission trip with a group from my church. I never could have imagined the impact visiting Guatemala would have on my entire life and of that of my family.

During our trip we built a playscape in the backyard of Dorie’s. While there, we also went on a few day-trips, to the ghetto and to the dump. I remember being shocked during our first trip to the ghetto. I couldn’t believe people lived like that. Yet when hearing their stories, I was amazed at their faith. The things they prayed for weren’t “things.” They prayed for good health, that their children would finish school, that their faith would be stronger — some asked for prayer to help overcome addictions. No one complained about their circumstances or even asked for prayer to change them. It was a level of faith and trust in the Lord that I had not seen before coming to Guatemala.

At the dump I got to spend time with the children living and working there with their parents. It was one of the best days of my life. These were the happiest children I had ever met! Our team heard the prayer request of a little boy who wanted to taste chicken. He said all he had ever tasted were the bones. We went to Polo Campero and showed up with boxes and boxes of chicken for the children — it was special to see how happy it made them.

A note from Katie to MarioMy experience at Dorie’s Promise was completely life-changing. I fell in love — one boy in particular, Mario, stole my heart. Once I met him, I don’t think I put him down. I would go out on the trips and then go right back to his crib to scoop him up.

At the same time, I can’t say enough about the special mothers. I was so impressed at how attentive they were to the babies. They took their time with each one — to snuggle with them and to be loved on. The children are just so well taken care of. One little girl, Dulce, was having medical issues, and her special mother was so emotional about it, saying how much she prayed for her. You can tell these women truly love the children, and the children love their special moms!

Leaving there was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I cried the whole plane ride and was just thinking of when I could get back!

Once I returned home, I struggled with the knowledge of the circumstances in Guatemala. It bothered me so much to know of all these orphans who needed homes. It angered me that adoptions were closed*. I shared with my husband all about Mario, and he assured me we could make an impact in his life not only through sponsorship but also in prayer.

I truly thought it would be a while before I could manage another trip to Guatemala, but after hearing all that I shared with him, my husband wanted to experience Dorie’s Promise for himself. We were back six months later to celebrate Mario’s first birthday!! I was so happy to see all the children again. My husband too fell in love with the children, Dorie’s Promise, and Guatemala.

On that second trip, we had the privilege of being there for Mother’s Day. They had a ceremony out back, and each of the children had the opportunity to get up in front of everyone to share about why they loved their special mothers. The kids had so many nice things to say, and there was so much love being shared. One little girl said she was going through a hard time and was thankful that her special mom was there for her.

One morning my husband and I got to Mario’s house early right at the shift change. While we were upstairs, we could hear the special mothers who were about to start the shift gathering in the hallway downstairs. They all began to pray together and sing songs of prayer. It was lovely. I can tell that being a special mother at Dorie’s means way more to those women than just a job.

Katie's husband play with the kids at Dorie's PromiseMy own children (Hailee, 11, and T.J., 7) now hear so much about Dorie’s Promise and want to visit as well. They refer to Mario as their brother in Guatemala. We’ve made some great relationships, and I know that Guatemala will always be a part of our lives.

After our two trips to Guatemala, we were moved to adopt. Knowing that we couldn’t adopt from Guatemala was so difficult to accept*. We would have loved nothing more than to bring home our sweet Mario or any other child from this country we loved so much. However, we moved forward with adoption here in the U.S. and have been blessed with an amazing little boy named Christopher. I’m thankful for the confirmation God gave us through our time in Guatemala that adopting was right for our family.

My experiences at Dorie’s Promise have changed my outlook on life. It’s opened my eyes to see how big the kingdom of God really is. In some way I always knew the Kingdom was larger than just our lives in America, but it’s easy to get caught up in your own bubble. When you have experiences like the ones in Guatemala, you can’t help but be changed.

I know we will be seeing you all again soon!

*International adoptions closed in 2008


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