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Giving Water and Life

By Bradley Burck-

The Water in Guatemala is Contaminated

It’s full of the  kinds of waterborne illnesses we don’t even think about in the United States — diarrheal, intestinal heminths, Schistosomiasis, Dracunculiasis, Trachoma, and more. This is the situation faced by those living in Guatemala City. Fresh,clean running water doesn’t exist. Everyone knows that drinking the water is likely to make you sick.

The solution seems simple, buy bottles water or use a water filter to purify it. However,  those living in the ghettos and the dump don’t have that option. When you struggle to find enough to eat,  digging through the trash for a mouth full, bottle water is far out of your reach. Most families simply drink dirty water or boil what they have and take their chances.

Water Filters

Modern water purification devices are relatively inexpensive and easy to get in the United States. You would not think much of one if you saw it a store.  They are small but extremely effective in filtering contaminants. We are working with families in the ghetto of Maria Teresa Caballeros of Guatemala City to provide these life-saving water filters. A water filter provides fresh drinkable water for a whole family. Our missions teams visit the ghetto and the dumps several times a month to bring these gifts to families in need. With this practical need met doors are opened to share the love of Jesus


We go further than just delivering water filters we also provide families with sinks called pilas. Running water is unknown in the homes of the poorer families. The pilas give families the ability to wash their food, clothes, hands, and bodies with uncontaminated water.

Now you can help too!

What has God placed on your heart? The cost to provide a water filter to a family is just $40. Now you can provide a pila for a family for just $50. This $50 gift will impact a family for several generations. Please consider how you might be involved.

Consider partnering today by providing water filters and pilas to families in need.

Give online so a family can have fresh water today!


Mail a check to:

Forever Changed International

c/o Water and Pila Project
Forever Changed International
19215 SE 34th Street Suite 106-387
Camas, WA 98607

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