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The Board of Directors

By Bradley Burck-

Did you know that Forever Changed International has a board of directors? It isn’t something people often think about, but the board is the body that makes decisions about the future of the organization and approves the organization’s budget and major expenses. Board members are unpaid workers. They are essentially super volunteers who spend their time, treasure, and talent helping the ministry grow and thrive. Let’s introduce you to the three board members for Forever Changed International and tell you a little about what they do for the organization…

Cinda Rachor

Cinda lives in Michigan with her husband Jim. She is the mother of six children. Her connection to Forever Changed International is deeply personal. The Rachors have a daughter who is stuck in the adoption process in Guatemala. Cinda and Jim continue to pursue all avenues to bring her home. Through all of this, they have made Forever Changed International a priority for their giving, advocacy, and support.



Barb Quinn

Barb lives just outside Seattle, Washington, with her husband Tom. She is the mother of three adopted children from Eastern Europe. Barb has been connected to Heather Radu for more than 20 years through the adoption of her children and the founding of Forever Changed International. She is passionate about orphans and making sure they are loved, trained, and provided for until they reach adulthood.

Heather Radu

Heather is the founder of Forever Changed International. She has been a passionate advocate for orphans for the last 20 years. Her goal in every presentation is to get everyone she can to passionately serve the world’s forgotten children. She believes that when you reach out to serve those in need, you will see your life forever changed. Heather lives just outside Vancouver, Washington, with her two children.



What does the job of a member of the board of directors entail? Here is a brief overview:

  1. Giving to the ministry
  2. Owning the financial health of the organization
  3. Ensuring ministry opportunities are in line with the stated vision of the organization
  4. Helping execute ministry activities — based on the needs and requests of the staff
  5. Participating in short-term and long-term planning
  6. Reviewing and evaluating financial reports on a regular basis
  7. Bringing credibility to the ministry
  8. Contributing to the health of the organization by introducing potential board members to the current board

The board of directors is meeting in Guatemala City in early March. Please put these women on your prayer list. Ask God to give them wisdom as they plan and lead Forever Changed International into the future.

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