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Special Mother Nohemi

By Alejandra Diaz-
While each woman who cares for the children at Dorie’s Promise deserves the name of “Special Mother,” occasionally we spotlight a particular one to provide a close-up of those who play a key role in our work.
The mother of five daughters and a son who has passed on, Mirna Nohemi Pena has been on staff for seven years.
“It is a privilege and opportunity to bless the children and myself,” says Nohemi, one of our supervisors. “I feel like a part of each of them. I am committed to give them special service, which I offer with happiness and responsibility.”
Nohemi says working with the children is a source of health and happiness. Not only do they make her smile, but seeing them grow into healthy young people stirs feelings of joy—and tears.
Not surprisingly, she likes everything about her job, particularly when she sees the blessings children get from visiting missionaries and the smiles that cross their faces whenever a team arrives.
This Special Mother’s favorite experience involved a young boy named Miguel, who later was adopted.
When he arrived, his tough background made him difficult to control. However, thanks to Mama Nohemi teaching him about Jesus Christ and good moral values, when he left he had a better basis for life.
This is happening with another boy at the home she is guiding, a task that gives her purpose. Brayan was also difficult to control when he came to Dorie’s Promise, but now recognizes rules and instructions. This progress and the positive role she played in Miguel’s life represent special memories.
“I felt a strong connection with Miguel,” Nohemi says. “He is one of the kids that I remember with love. One of my wishes is to see him and be able to talk to him. When he was adopted, I was sad he was leaving, but at the same time I felt happiness. I met his adoptive family and they were a great family.”
As a partial fulfillment of her wish, she recently got to watch a video of Miguel singing and playing music, which brought her happiness.
Nohemi’s dream is to continue serving at the orphanage, since she works here for more than a paycheck. She wants to leave an indelible mark on children and comply with God’s purposes for her life.
“Another dream is to see my kids growing and having a better future,” she says. “I want to see them grow and know that they are doing great things with their lives.”
Please pray for Nohemi’s family and that she will enjoy a long life. She hopes to have the opportunity to see her grandchildren grow up and be able to continue supporting her father.
Pray for Dorie’s Promise as well as we carry out this vital work among Guatemala’s needy children.

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